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A Big update on Hirano Aya. After the release of her first photo book "Stairway to 20", she will now start a triple single release spread over 3 months. The first new single will be released on October 10th, while the next will be on November 7th and December 5th respectively.
The new single is called "Love★Gun" which will have a strong rock sound to it. B-side will be called Glitter. Also an extra CD+DVD edition with a DVD that contains the PV for the song.

Hirano Aya - LOVE GUN

Watch the PV on Youtube:

Buy Love Gun on YesAsia: Hirano Aya - Love★Gun


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Here's my drawing of Konata Izumi from Lucky Star. It's not finished yet, but since I haven't touched this in 2 months, I thought I'd give a teaser ;p (well, not much of a teaser as it is practically finished, just need to do the clothing and maybe some background).

Maybe I'll finish it one of these days. But for now, have a look:

Konata Izumi (not finished)

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