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  10:27:00 am, Categories: Japan , Tags: bag, cloth, folding, furoshiki, japanese, wrapping
Furoshiki, the traditional Japanese wrapping cloth. Before the time of plastic bags, since hundreds of years, people in Japan used cotton or silk cloths to hold and carry stuff. They had invented useful ways to fold a simple cloth so that it could be… more »


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I love furoshikis and want to promote the practice in the US. A coworker and I tried to find furoshikis to buy; it was difficult so we recently launched our own site. We manufacture the fabric wraps locally in Portland, Oregon. If you’re interested, please see for more information. We’d love your feedback. Happy New Year!

01/15/08 @ 17:45
5 stars

Very cool. I need one for Survivor! Thank goodness for the English translation.

02/06/08 @ 18:09
5 stars

These are GREAT! I think I should give these to some of our brides.

06/07/08 @ 18:42

Love all the beautiful pictures, Thanks

01/27/10 @ 09:33

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  03:32:16 pm, Categories: Japan , Tags: fold, how, japanese, style, t-shirt, to
The world famous video of how to fold a T-Shirt Japanese style. Quick, easy and neat ;p Enjoy ;p more »

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  11:52:54 am, Categories: Japanese Language , Tags: japanese, particles
Last time we talked about the basic sentence structure in Japanese. Two important things about the Japanese sentence structure is that the subject comes first, and the verb comes last. Now we will talk a bit more about a few particles which have a… more »

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  11:25:57 am, Categories: Japanese Language , Tags: japanese, language, sentence, structure
The basic sentence structure of the Japanese language is of the form: SOV. Meaning, Subject Object Verb. (note that I will use spaces between words for readability, spaces are normally omitted) Example:… more »

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