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Just read on mainichi that information about the confirmed second season of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu will be released in the February issue of New Type magazine in Japan.Let's hope this means we get the new season in September of this! :DI'll keep you posted ^^Source: mainichi more »


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Comment from: DPguy
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I’m in the middle. I mean, I was over-hyped, and the date just kept pulling on further and further. I’m still pro-Haruhi, no doubt, but LEMME SEE MOAR HARUHI NAO!

01/12/09 @ 20:16
Comment from: Ayane  
4 stars

Great. Thanks fa da info., but can u tell me on youtube wen the next season will actually be premering… my username on there is sakuraXhinataMix(as u knw from above) if u cant find my profile then type in either Naruto - angels on the moon or Haruhi Suzumiya - Do Da Stanky Leg(preview)hope ta hear from u soon…

03/26/09 @ 14:56

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There seems to be something weird going on with the second season of Suzumiya Haruhi. It seems that the previous "second season" is cancelled and a new "second season" is being created. Probably due to creative differences with the production team… more »

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  06:50:56 am, Categories: Hirano Aya , Tags: 4th, aya, gun, haruhi, hirano, idol, izumi, konata, love, lucky, seiyuu, single, star, suzumiya
A Big update on Hirano Aya. After the release of her first photo book "Stairway to 20", she will now start a triple single release spread over 3 months. The first new single will be released on October 10th, while the next will be on November 7th and… more »

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