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  01:47:02 am, Categories: Ayumi Hamasaki , Tags: 10th, 2008, anniversary, arena, asia, ayumi, hamasaki, tour
I was really waiting for this info to come out! And I'm excited ^^; No dates outside Japan have been announced yet and there's bound to be other dates added. Update Februari 5th: 8 new dates have been added. Mostly an extra concert in some places, and… more »


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8 ratings
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4.6 stars
Comment from: Elin  

Do you know how to get tickets for her concerts in Nagoya? Can’t find it anywhere :.(

01/03/08 @ 07:10
Comment from: keri snyder  


02/06/08 @ 17:46
Comment from: ayumimi  
5 stars

come to thailand too please

02/20/08 @ 03:23
Comment from: ec  

where is the best concert going to be?? Nagoya???

02/25/08 @ 19:21
Comment from: Some girl  
4 stars

does anyone know if I can bring my camera inside the yoyogi gymnasium in tokyo if I do not take pictures inside ? I will be doing some pictures in tokyo during the day and I find it complicated to bring my camera back to the hotel … + i’d like to have a picture of myself in front of the yoyogi before the concert !! ahhhh i don’t know what to do, please, help …

03/27/08 @ 08:11
Comment from: d
5 stars

Please come to new york USA

05/02/08 @ 19:47
Comment from: enrico
5 stars

Nobody know if she’ll come in europe someday for an exibition…?
She’ll never came in Europe…?

05/19/08 @ 15:58
Comment from: Ann
5 stars

Please come to Australia!

07/06/08 @ 18:35
Comment from: edo-akihito

come to malaysia =) =P

07/19/08 @ 23:37
Comment from: Danielle
5 stars

I american and just know no japanese and i love you ayu. I strongly advice a cross over. I can learn Japanese but america will love you if they know of you. You will do well. I have had my american friends listen to you and they do not understand but are asking about where to find it becasue its so good. If you ever see this think it over.

07/22/08 @ 20:31
Comment from: nazastasia
5 stars

Come to MALAYSIA!!!!
I am one of ayu’s new fan.I know her last year when my friend give me her MV.Since then, I’ve bcame her big fan,even though i dun understand japanese at all but her music is so good and i can get the lyrics translation.
She is always sincere with herself and that make her that she wrote is so meaningful.
Ayu you’re one in a million.

01/03/09 @ 03:38
Comment from: Wendy
3 stars


09/09/09 @ 00:46

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  03:24:05 pm, Categories: Ayumi Hamasaki , Tags: ayumi, crea, downtown, hamada, hamasaki, heyheyhey, marron, matsumoto
Ayu & her 4 doggies are sooo kawaii !! She loves them very much. And Matsumoto & Hamada are just wonderful how they tease her :D A must watch!! more »

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  01:14:18 am, Categories: Ayumi Hamasaki , Tags: 9th, album, ayumi, hamasaki
Title: GUILTY Release dates: January 1st 2008: Japan Info: I think it's an interesting title ;p Versions + Tracklisting CD version (First press: with Special Photo Book) AVCD-23504 (3150yen) 1. Mirror (1:56) 2. (don't) Leave me alone (4:16)… more »


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4.0 stars
Comment from: Tenzan  

Huzzah! I must say the CD only cover is
ugly (don’t pros take hundreds of shots
for something like this??) but as a
decade-long Ayu fan, I hope GUILTY is
a good one. Saw her on CNN once – she
actually speaks English quite well, don’t
know why her album tracks are so…
Engrish. Nice post!

12/18/07 @ 22:16

hihi..i have got the album already
wrote a review about Guilty..
overall my comment: Guilty is not the best album but it has nice tracks like Marionette..and Mirror!!!:)

feel free to browse my blog

01/07/08 @ 05:13

Your review and description are great. I am not even from Japan but you convinced me to listen to this nice lady over here.

01/28/08 @ 12:01
Comment from: Kath3nay
4 stars

This album isn’t getting too many great reviews, but it actually is pretty good. This album is darker than some of her others - I’m a little scared of Marionette (prelude), but still great overall.

03/16/08 @ 14:41
Comment from: Swallowtail  
4 stars

Well her voice more mature and i love marionette some kinda empress yumi dark side cool calm begone har har har

06/07/08 @ 01:12

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  12:13:24 am, Categories: Ayumi Hamasaki , Tags: 1st, ayumi, digital, hamasaki, single, together, when
Since there is probably not enough time between now and the release of the next album to release a single, Avex is releasing a digital single, Ayu's first. It will be called [Together When...] which will probably be a ballad as was rumoured because she… more »


Comment from: rainbowmessenger  

Cwl, ayu’s 1st digital single (might be) hee,

11/10/07 @ 01:07
Comment from: Italo  

I cant wait to hear it! and her new album either!

11/16/07 @ 13:31
Comment from: Kioku  

oh wow~ thanks for the info!!^.^ I’m very excited to hear this song and her new album!!~~

11/17/07 @ 23:26

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  03:49:28 pm, Categories: Ayumi Hamasaki , Tags: 2007-2008, anniversary, ayumi, countdown, hamasaki, live
It is now officially called "Countdown Live 2007-2008 Anniversary". So they are gonna start the celebrations of her 10th year as a singer with the start of the new year. Good to be back in Yoyogi ;p Dates: December 30, 2007: Doors Open: 17:30 Show… more »


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Comment from: BOBOY@ZUL  


12/22/07 @ 21:24
Comment from: hamasaki ayumie  
5 stars

can you tell me how can i buy ayumi hamasaki concert ticket rather online or any way so i can wacth ayu live. tell me. i,m from malaysia. my name are same with hamasaki yumi

01/14/08 @ 20:56
Comment from: cyberpig

I am planning go china one… but will you interested ??

06/20/08 @ 20:58

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  03:30:08 pm, Categories: Ayumi Hamasaki , Tags: 2007, 2008, ayumi, countdown, hamasaki, live
Avex officially announced the new Countdown Live, which is this time a normal CDL as last year it was a Best Of Countdown Live. There are 2 concerts on the 30th & 31st of December. As always, TeamAyu fan club members get a pre-sale period for the… more »


Comment from: BOBOY@ZUL  


11/23/07 @ 21:23


12/16/07 @ 10:11

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