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Tokyo 2011: Day 4 (12/28) SDN48's 4th Single Mini-live and handshake event


Tokyo 2011: Day 4 (12/28) SDN48's 4th Single Mini-live and handshake event

  05:35:36 pm, Categories: J-Pop & J-Rock, Idols, Tokyo 2011 (New Year)

Gotten my pre-ordered singles the 27th, had them sent to my hotel, so I had 2 handshake tickets in my pocket, so I went off early to Odaiba. I arrived about 1.5 hours before the exchange of the tickets and got off at the stop at Venus Fort. Since Mega Web wasn't open yet, I had go around the back of the building, but when I approached the back of Zepp Tokyo there was already a staff member guiding me towards the front where there were already a lot of people queuing. Since I didn't know much about how all this was going to happen, I had to keep my eyes and ears open as to how this was going to go down. So at 10h, the line started to move to go up to the counter and exchange the vouchers that came with the single for an entrance ticket and handshake tickets. I saw several people with many vouchers, and as I didn't know how the handshake would be, I wanted to be sure and bought an extra CD, so I had 3 handshake tickets. I had 4 members that I wanted to shake hands with (Serina, Kohara Haruka, Noro Kayo and Ohori Megumi) but I was also thinking of not spending too much money, so I kept it at 3.

After the exchange, me and many others left as it was still 4 hours until the event would begin. So I walked around Odaiba a bit to kill the time, take pictures of the Gundam statue, went through the studio floor of FujiTV and got something to eat. Went back at around 13h30 an hour before it would start.
This time they were grouped every 50 rows together. Since my "seat" number was E-22, I was in the front block.

They had put up a board at the front where they would show the numbers. Still wasn't fully sure how it was going to go down, so when they started show numbers, the people with that number on their ticket went to the front to go in. I was looking around me at the tickets of other people to be sure I got it right, as the block letter didn't seem to matter at this point. So I got in when 22 was called, and it was inside that the block was the row inside the venue to go in. Since 22 was a low number, I got to stand at the front of the block, and the view was okay. Slowly the whole venue started to fill up. A little over 14h30 and after the introduction, the lights went out and the SDN48 overture started. Then the senbatsu members came on stage in their sexy outfits from the PV, and Mino Monta was there as well!! They did Kudokinagara Azabujuban first and then had some talk with Monta for a while. Man, they were looking good, and I'd see them up close later! Then came the Undergirls G song Yaritagariya-san, then Kamujatan Bojou and finally Cachaca de Jihaku Suru. After the 4 songs from the new single, they did 3 older songs: MIN MIN MIN, Kodoku na Runner and Awajishin no Tamanegi. Then came the long press event with pictures and interviews.

After that the staff came to tell us that the 39 members would be divided in 10 groups of 3-4 girls and they put up a big sign to show who was in which group. Of course, they put all the popular members in different groups. Like others, I quickly took a picture of the board with my iphone for reference (but they put up the board outside as well).

I had 3 handshake tickets, so I could go to 3 groups. I decided to go to Serina, Kohara and Noro's group, and as an extra I could meet a few other members as well. Everybody went outside again to line up again for the first handshake, the line was going pretty slow though as they were just letting in few people at a time. Finally got inside and then noticed that because of this, the lines were very very short to each group (except for Ohori's line which was long xD). So I went up to Serina's group and she was excited to see me (damn,she's prettyyyy & sexy), and she talks just like she always does xD. Also got Shiyeon in this group (who I also like), who immediately said "Pleased to meet you" in english (I guess she's more used to english since she's foreign too?) and Kimoto. It went really quick, like 3 seconds for each members, but I came out with a big smile XD. They could've given more time cause the lines were really short anyway. Anyway, went outside to line up again. Next group was Kohara Haruka's line and my god, what an experience! I shook her hand, but I didn't say anything and she was like waiting for me to say something, but I still didn't (how can you, in front of her in that outfit so pretty and sexy xD), we were standing like that for 4 seconds so the staff got nervous and pushed me along and had to quickly shook hands with miray, Chen Chuu and Umeda. Went outside with a big smile again of course xD. Lined up again for the third group with Noro Kayo. She was very friendly, all of that group was very friendly. Fukuda said I was very tall, and then Atsuko and Kojou Seara. Then just after I shook hands with Kojou, she asked me a question! But I didn't hear well, so I walked back one step to listen, and she asked if I was from America, and I replied Belgium in Europe. I was almost grabbed by a staff because I went back, but it went quick enough xD So what, the member herself asked a question, so I want to be polite and properly answer her.
So, all my handshake tickets were used up and I went outside and up the stairs to take some pics of the outside of Zepp Tokyo, and went to eat something at First Kitchen. Thinking about it afterwards, I should've just bought another single and go to Ohori's line as well, the event hadn't ended yet and it would've been worth it! And this was probably the first and last time I would be able to meet all of them in the same place as all SDN48 members will be graduating at the end of March. Even if they would release another single (which they will), I wouldn't be in Japan until after March, probably not until June.
But I was very satisfied having met them so up close and they were all just gorgeous! I will surely remember Serina's voice and Kohara's long cute stare XD

Back to the hotel, tomorrow will be Idoling!!!'s first Jukuhachi Live in Shinjuku!

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