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Yazawa Erika dvd release event (01/08)


Yazawa Erika dvd release event (01/08)

  03:02:57 pm, Categories: Idoling!!!, Tokyo 2010 (New Year)

Arrived in Akihabara at 9h30, strolling around a bit to kill the time.
10h: Ishimaru store opens, and go up to 5F to get and pay my 2 dvds. Was standing around a bit to see what others were doing. Didn't learn much so I just took my printed email and gave it to the guy behind the counter. He knew right away what it was and what to look at and didn't even ask anything so everything went perfect xD. Got my 2 dvds and received the event ticket! With 2 stamps on it as I got 2 dvds. Still had 1.5 hours until I had to be back here so went to eat some donuts at Mr. Donut ;p

my Yazawa Erika dvd release event ticket

12h: We had to line up one hour before event at 5F to pick a random number from a box which would be the order to get in. I picked number #2 which meant I had a front seat!!!

12h40: They start calling out all the numbers and we have to line up in order of our number.

13h: We all follow the store guy in a line to the event room on 8F. I'm in front row, and there were about 6 rows of chairs and then the rest had to stand in the back. There were also 2 congratulatory flower bouquets on the side. I must say that there actually were a few girls who lined up, about 5 I think. One of them had #1 and sat next to me.

Yazawa Erika dvd release event

Yazawa Erika dvd release event

13h15: Yazawa Erika appears in kimono and has a talk with the MC first. The MC looked kind of a weird guy though, he had a weird hair cut ;p She said that the "FINAL" in the title didn't mean it was her last dvd, but that is was the last dvd in the Yazapai series (all her dvd titles up until now started with Yazapai).

13h40: The taking pictures round starts, we go in groups of 7 people, me being in the first group of course. Just before the taking pictures of our group starts, Yazawa asks me where I'm from, and I managed to say Berugii without screwing it up ;p I got to take 42 pics ;p Some had very simple cameras but some had really professional gear with a huge flash (taking up to 130 pics even).

Yazawa Erika dvd release event

Then came the hand shaking which everybody could participate in, I was up second. She said she remember me from the Shinahachi Live yesterday (!), and I said I was going today as well, and that I went to the Countdown Live as well (forgot to mention 9th live,but oh well,I was a bit nervous and you had limited time ;p). She asked if I could speak japanese well, but I said just a little. And the last thing she or I said I don't remember any more... (it's already starting to fade a bit, that's why I'm writing it down right away) While you're talking you actually forget how her hand feels ^_^;. I saw that others had brought presents like a written letter. Too bad I didn't think about that, I should have done that!! The ones who had one copy got their signed dvd cover and went out, the rest went back to their seats.

Next up was the chekki (like a polaroid) for the people who got 2, 3 & 4 copies. I had opened my shirt to show my Yazawa Countdown Live T-Shirt and she saw that right away! When I walked up to have the picture take, she noticed my eyes and said: you've got blue eyes! (Me-wa buruu desu!) (they're actually more like gray/blue but anyway it's a very different color from what japanese people are used to!). My chekki turned out great!! I will surely scan, enlarge and frame it ^_^ After the handshaking we got our signed dvd covers. Then the rounds people who got 3 and 4 copies got 2 and 3 chekkis and some other extras (extra large signed photo + a love letter later to be sent,which the people had to write down their address for). As I was seated right in the front row I could watch Yazawa very well and she's looked sooo lovely!! The event ended at 15h30 and it took about 1.5 hours which actually seemed very long, it didn't feel as if it was flying by. It was so much fun to be there, watching her all the time, talking and laughing ^_^

I will surely try to do something like this again although I was really lucky to have this event fall right into my 2 weeks here. So now onto my last mission #3, my last Shinahachi, where I'll be shaking hands again with 4 Idoling!!! members: Endou,Yokoyama,Sakai and Yazawa again! (Yazawa now already being 3 times ^o^).

My 3 new treasures: one of my signed dvd covers (you actually get the unfolded cover, but I've put one of them inside the dvd case), my chekki and a signed toreka of Sakai Hitomi (which I got by just buying a random pack of toreka):

Yazawa Erika Sakai Hitomi

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