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Tokyo 2010: Day 10 (07/01) Shinahachi Live (live only)


  04:19:00 pm, Categories: Idoling!!!, Tokyo 2010 (New Year)

Today's Shinahachi Live started just a little late, and both Idoling and YGA members came on stage to do their New Years greeting. Then after a few talks, this Shinahachi Live started with the Idoling part first!
They started off with Eve. From what I can remember,other songs were (not exactly in that order and a few missing): Meniwa Aoba..., Ganbare Otome, Kimi ga suki, U, Don't be Afraid and finally Shokugyo: Idol. There was also a special request song sung by Maipuru and Yurippe from SMAP (don't remember the title). I like music loud, but it seemed to get louder and louder near the end, especially the last song was a bit over the top. The song has got an awesome live vibe and is good loud, but don't overdo it... all the rest was okay though. Overall I liked it very much :-)

After a short break and a little game on stage between Idoling!!! and YGA, the YGA part came up. Already a few people had left by now, but there was still a lot of people left. I must say most YGA fans like Idoling, but not all Idoling fans seem to like YGA, which you can see with some people just standing still during their songs. I was also totally unfamiliar with YGA songs, and well, I liked the bass in their songs and they had some interesting hand movements with the crowd, but I'm not converted :-)

At the end, someone random was chosen to get a picture on stage. When the girls asked his favorite member, he seemed verbally and visibly disappointed because his favorite girl (Umeko) wasn't there, and then said like: well if I have to choose, Sakacchi is okay.

After the ending talk of Idoling and YGA, came the final cherry on the cake: the handshake event! The 4 Idoling members participating in the handshaking were lined up in order, Endou #3 first, Tonooka #6 second, Yazawa #7 third and Sakai #14 last. I had prepared something to say,but I think nothing came out and it did go very fast, so here goes. Got nervous when I saw them standing there, and came up to Endou first, I shook her hand and I noticed she wanted to do it properly and her time to give a rather firm handshake and she said happy new year in Japanese (I think), I don't remember what I blurted out,but 3 seconds go by quick and next was Tonooka. She also said in her typical beautiful wide smile "Shin-nen akemashitou,omedetou" (happy new year in japanese), then came Yazawa (my favorite), she just said arigatou (thank you) but she noticed I was a foreigner so changed to english and said "Thank you" (quite good,not the usual sankyu) and I said "Thank you" back and I also quickly added "See you tomorrow!", and then came Sakai (my second favorite), she had immediately seen that I was foreign (she might have heard it from Yazawa next to her) and said "Thank you" right away, I also said "Thank you" back and "See you tomorrow" and she kept waving back and looking at me,and doing thumbs up! I was (and still am) so thrilled my 2 favorite members actually had a reaction!

Can't wait to shake their hands again tomorrow, when Tonooka will be switched with Yokoyama, so it's still with my three favorites (Endou,Yazawa & Sakai). And I will be in 4th row tomorrow, today was 9th row, it will be realllly close!

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