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Tokyo 2009 Loot


Tokyo 2009 Loot

  02:15:50 pm, Categories: Tokyo 2009 (New Year)

So, here's my list of loot I got back from my New Year Tokyo trip, should be pretty complete:

Perfume Livefolio
Hirano Aya Brand New Day photo book
ViVi magazine (Feb 2010)
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu Vol. 9 (manga)
Megami (Feb 2010)
Newtype 01/2010 (with small Suzumiya Haruhi figure)
K-On! Official Fan Book
Macross Frontier The Movie Official Fan Book
Saki Official Fan Book
Pick-up Voice 26 (2010)
Tetsudou Journal 6 (special Yamanote Line)

Yellow Magic Orchestra - Ultimate Collection

Ayumi Hamasaki CDL Desktop Calendar (with ayupan)
Ayumi Hamasaki CDL Light stick
Ayumi Hamasaki CDL towel
Ayumi Hamasaki CDL Ayupan postcards set
Idoling #7 Yazawa Erika scarf
Idoling #7 Yazawa Erika T-Shirt
Akiyama Mio bag (Comiket 77 exclusive with: phone strap, pencil board, fiber cushion case and poster
K-On! paper fan
K-On! clear file
Fate/Stay night: unlimited blade works bag (Comiket 77 exclusive with: t-shirt)
Black Lagoon clear file (4x)
Black Lagoon book
Black Lagoon phone strap
Black Lagoon small towel
Akihabara station sign big towel
Reimu Hakurei doll (just had to have something from Touhou project at Comiket, might not be C77 exclusive though)
random K-On! nendoroid petit (I got Azunyan)
Hamaya from Asakusa Shrine (bought there at New Year)
Large Ayumi Hamasaki photo (unofficial though)

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