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Day 3 (30/12): Fuji TV & Shibuya


Day 3 (30/12): Fuji TV & Shibuya

  09:16:15 pm, Categories: Tokyo 2009 (New Year)

After Comiket, we went to some of the big shopping malls and the Fuji TV building on Odaiba. I was looking for some "Idoling!!!" merchandise so I went to the Fuji TV shop on the 5th floor but found nothing. Thought it was very strange, but when I got down outside again, I saw an arrow to the Variety Shop on the ground floor near the food court. The word "variety" gave me a good feeling about it as "Variety Programs" in Japan are comedy and popular shows. And I was right, there was a Idoling section! Still with 2 T-shirt and a scarf of every Idoling member and even some fans and other small stuff. Bought myself a t-shirt and scarf of Idoling member #7, Yazawa Erika, so my mission was a success ^^ Apart from many other goodies in the shop (of shows unknown to me), there were also some t-shirts from Hey!Hey!Hey! ;p

After that, we went back to the hotel to drop off our heavy bags and went to check out Shibuya again, did a round of Shibuya 109 again (which started to close at 21h15...), so we went to the Shidax karaoke building. On our way there, we saw many people coming from the Ayumi's Countdown Live concert (there are always two, one on the 30th and one on the 31st) who were carrying bags and other merchandise. When we passed the Tsutaya music shop we noticed many people taking pictures of a sign, the middle A in Tsutaya was replaced by the Ayu logo! There were a few collaborations this year with several shops (Tsutaya, Shidax, Tokyu Hands, Kiddy Land and Oshman's) who had special T-shirt sets and extra Ayu advertising at their shops. So when we arrived at Shidax, Ayu music was playing outside and the windows had Ayu logos all over it.
The karaoke was an experience in itself. You get a room with a big tv, 2 wireless mics, and a wireless "remote" box to put in your numbers of the songs you want to sing. I brought my lyrics books and papers with me, as it would be difficult to read all the hiragana. And i must note that all kanji have furigana above them, which allowed me to almost do it without my lyrics (good for exercising your hiragana ;p). As I thought, many of the song don't have images or PV's from the actual artists, BUT! when I browsed through the book and found Ayumi, I saw that several songs had several versions, including concert versions. To my surprise and delight, you actually get the concert footage without vocals!!! This was awesome! From the other songs, not all songs have the original instrumental, but many do. Also when I did God Knows from Suzumiya Haruhi, there was actual footage of the anime. We did a 1-hour session and then returned to our hotel. We were now able to stay awake until 23h, so that would be good for tomorrow which would be after midnight.

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Sounds like a blast. And expensive if youre gonna buy something from every venue! I think the word “variety” pretty much describes any shown in Japan!

01/16/10 @ 07:06

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