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Singing/Chanting/Crying Cat ?


Singing/Chanting/Crying Cat ?

  11:10:47 pm, Categories: Curiosities, Japan 2010

This must be the weirdest thing I have come across on my last trip to Japan. We were walking around Fushimi Inari in Kyoto, and we heard a sound of what was like a crying baby, but I started to doubt that it was a baby, but that it might be a cat. Then we saw this around the corner. I've never heard a cat sing/cry like that before (or I just don't know anything about cats and this is perfectly normal ^^; maybe it was in pain, I don't know) You can actually hear the second cat moaning as well. Sorry for the focussing noise sometimes (it's a EOS 500D which doesn't have autofocus), and my silly joke about it sounding like it's chanting prayers ^^

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