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  11:37:31 pm, Categories: Japan 2010 , Tags: ayumi hamasaki, koda kumi, yasutaka nakata
This was quite a highlight from this years Japan trip. Seeing Ayumi Hamasaki, Yasutaka Nakata and Koda Kumi in 24 hours time ;p It is exactly 24 hours because concerts on Saturday start are after 6pm and concerts on Sunday end by 6pm ;p. But it was… more »

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  05:48:01 pm, Categories: Japan 2010
Here's the first part of the stuff I bought on my latest and 6th Japan trip. Quite a lot of CDs. This list is not complete yet as I sent some heavy stuff through EMS because that would be cheaper than to pay extra for an overweight suitcase at the… more »

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  11:10:47 pm, Categories: Curiosities, Japan 2010
This must be the weirdest thing I have come across on my last trip to Japan. We were walking around Fushimi Inari in Kyoto, and we heard a sound of what was like a crying baby, but I started to doubt that it was a baby, but that it might be a cat. Then… more »

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  11:20:59 pm, Categories: Japan 2010
Well, just posting this before going to sleep. Tomorrow I will be taking the plane to Japan! I'm flying with SAS this time, so I'll have a connection at Copenhagen. Will be arriving in Narita at 9h35 in the morning. Will meet up with Matt there, as his… more »

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  05:19:19 pm, Categories: Japan 2010
Flights and hotels are booked for Japan 2010 trip. I'll be flying with SAS this time with connecting flight in Copenhagen. There was a cheaper flight, but that was with Alitalia through Rome, but for an hour shorter flight to Tokyo, I'd pay 20eur ;p.… more »

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  12:51:58 pm, Categories: Japan 2010
First post about the next big trip to Japan in 2010. No schedule or dates yet, but a general period of March till May. This will depend on many factors like the people coming with me (which should be 2 friends from my own country and one from England),… more »

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