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Some more planning


Some more planning

  04:27:30 pm, Categories: Japan 2009

In my search for more interesting places I haven't been to before in Japan, I have found a few close together. The two places are: and Kanazawa and Takayama. At first I was thinking of doing another place right inbetween them: Shirakawa-go, which has some lovely farm houses you can stay at. But when looking at the travel time between them and having to change hotels every 1 or 2 days, I made the decision to drop Shirakawa-go. Still I had to change hotels too much to be able to really spend time visiting these cities.

Was looking for another large city nearby, and found Nagano, which is not too far from Tokyo, so that was good. But since it quite mountainous there, travel time to Takayama was still a lot. So I decided to take a totally different approach, why not just stay in Kyoto and go by train from and to Kanazawa and Takayama in one day. As Nagano was quite close to Tokyo, I could go there while remaining in a hotel in Tokyo. And the travel time between Kyoto and Kanazawa or Takayama was still within acceptable limits to go to and from in one day. This would make traveling much easier, as I didn't have to check-in and check-out every day and hurl a rather large suitcase every time. Also I wanted to have a hotel in Kyoto this time, and not have to fall back to Osaka (which had cheap hotels but the connection to the station where the Shinkansen stops is terrible).

The schedule is started to shape up nicely, but is still not finalised. Will talk more about other stuff I will be visiting later this week.

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