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Small changes to my trip


Small changes to my trip

  03:03:01 pm, Categories: Japan 2009

There are a few changes that I've made to my schedule for the Japan 2009 trip, some are sure, some are not.

One definite change is on May 4th, I originally planned to go to Nachi Taisha in Kumano after staying at a Buddhist temple at Koyasan the night before. But since I'm not sure when I will be able to get down from Koyasan, and it takes quite some to get to Kumano, I'll just be heading back to Kyoto and try to be there before noon. I will then visit some more places in Kyoto, where there is still lots to see. Will try to go see: Nijo castle, Nishiki market and the Heian Shrine. And some other stuff closer to the hotel (which I might do on another day when there's some time left as it's not far): Honganji and Toji.

For April 29th there is a possible change of timing as I just found out that there will be a Suzumiya Haruhi concert with full orchestra in Tokyo that evening starting at 18h. Not sure if I'll have tickets yet (at the moment there are 2 left at the reseller shops, but I can't get them until April 27th when I arrive in Tokyo, so they might be gone). But IF I get them, my day trip to Nagano and Kawagoe will be a little bit more rushed ;p.

There is another fear that I have, I've been checking the reseller shop site for some days now and there are still no tickets for Perfume... Tickets have been sold since April 11th and still only to be found on Yahoo Auctions (which is too late now), so I'm hoping there will be some available by the time I get to Tokyo or a few days before the concert. Will be going to the venue anyway to get some merchandise of course! But the rest of the day might get some small changes.
Tickets for Ayumi don't seem to be a problem, there are some good seats for Yokohama Arena at good prices. I'll probably be able to get similar tickets as the first time I went to Yokohama Arena for less money (15k in stead of 22.5k, but back then it was through bidding on yahoo auctions)

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