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Japan 2009: Flights booked


Japan 2009: Flights booked

  11:05:18 am, Categories: Japan 2009

Well, my flights for my Japan 2009 trip are booked! I wanted to book now, because there were big discounts and it sure was worth it! Only 467euro for a flight to and from Japan. I've never seen it that low! The lowest I've ever seen it was 580eur and the lowest I've flown was about 650 euro, so this 467 was great! Of course, some extra administrative cost (10eur) and some insurance (23eur) which adds up to almost exactly 500 euros.
So, my flight is very cheap, but the other thing is that the exchange rate of the japanese yen is very bad at the moment... Last year it was 1000yen for 6 euro, now it's 8.6 euro. The Japanese yen hasn't been adjusted to the crisis yet, but there is talk that Tokyo will do that. So I hope that by the time I'm going, the yen will drop a bit.

And before I forget: I will be going from Sunday April 26th till Wednesday May 13th.
Two concert are already fixed: Ayumi Hamasaki and Perfume.
Ayumi in Yokohama Arena on May 9th or 10th, and Perfume in Yoyogi on May 9th or 10th. It's on the same 2 days, so whether Ayumi will be first or Perfume will be first depends on the tickets I can find. No info on other concerts yet. Another event I will probably go to is Dolls Party 21 on May 5th at Tokyo Big Sight. I might be going to Super Comic City 18 as well, but I'm not sure as these 2 events are right in the middle, so I might only go to Dolls Party 21.

More info about the planning will come later, but a few new things I will visit are Hakone, Koyasan, Kamakura and maybe Okayama. Still need to find some other new stuff to go see, a few things of Tokyo I will be doing again, as I'll be showing a friend around a bit. He'll probably go to Nikko (where I've already been 2 years ago), and to Kamakura as well (which I have not been to yet). But there's still a lot of time to do the planning and book hotels.

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A Perfume concert! Awesome!

01/25/09 @ 20:05

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