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Day 7 (03/05): Day off (More Kyoto)


Day 7 (03/05): Day off (More Kyoto)

  04:37:31 pm, Categories: Japan 2009

Changed bit of my schedule today. I will not be going to Koyasan today, but I will do that tomorrow, that also means that I will not be doing an overnight sleep in a Buddhist temple. I decided to fit in a resting day (and it's Sunday anyway and the 7th full day) as I need it.
I did do something today, as I went to see some more stuff in Kyoto itself (there is a lot to see in Kyoto just like Tokyo but more old stuff). Came by the smaller Honganji temple (of the 2 Honganji temples) and by accident also came by the Nishiki Market (which I wanted to visit anyway). It's a long street with a roof with all shops lined up on each side.
So I went on to visit Nijo castle, an old castle built for the shogun but never used by him (I think). It's quite intact and has a nice garden. Near the end of my visit, I started to panic a little as my camera suddenly didn't start up anymore. As I had not noticed the battery being very low, which is usually indicated by the ‚??change battery pack‚?Ě message when turning it on again, which it didn't, I was quite a bit worried. My Canon EOS is like 8 months old. So I hurried back to the hotel hoping it was the battery that was dead, and indeed, it was just the battery (phew). This reminds me that I have to buy a spare battery in Akihabara later.
I took the rest of the day off and only in the evening when it got dark, I went to have some fun with my camera and took some pictures at night around Kyoto Station.

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