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Day 6 (02/05): Takayama


Day 6 (02/05): Takayama

  04:31:48 pm, Categories: Japan 2009

Finally slept through the whole night, and woke up from my alarm clock. Was quickly up and going and took a train a little earlier again than my schedule and arrived at Takayama at 11h, after a journey of about 3 hours. First with the Shinkansen to Nagoya and then with a diesel train Hina to Takayama. I must say that the journey itself was very pleasant too as the second half of the train ride is through a deep valley with a nice river flowing at the bottom, and the train goes through several short tunnels and bridges over the river. The valley is surrounded by some beautiful mountains with lots of trees.

Takayama itself is a mountain town with a lot of old wood buildings that are still preserved. Some history: as Takayama didn't have much rice but a lot of wood workers, it couldn't pay the rice tax to the shogunate, but instead sent their wood workers which made it a very important town.
(something inbetween, just saw a commercial for Panasonic Lumix on tv with Ayu in it ^^)

Went to eat some sushi today. Quite nice, but I still hate wasabi... just small amounts are enough to feel it in my nose... But I ate something new though as I want to slowly expand on my japanese food and also try some of the things that look a little weirder and apparently it was eel and it was quite okay. Many things may look a little weird or downright dreadful when seen by foreigner, but if you don't try, you don't know. I'm not a big hero of trying out new food, but I'm glad I did it.

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