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Day 4 (30/04): To Kyoto


Day 4 (30/04): To Kyoto

  07:51:49 am, Categories: Japan 2009

Arrived in Kyoto station at 11h and thus was at my hotel (Station Hotel Seiki) by 11h10 as it is very close to Kyoto station. When I arrived there, I was surprised to find that my room was already ready and I could check in immediately. I had read some mixed reviews of the rooms of this hotel, but mine was okay. The walls were indeed quite shabby and worn off, but the floor and bathroom were clean and there were no smells at all (as I had read about smells in the bad reviews). It was good enough for me, but sadly no free wireless internet and the internet in the lobby was not free & quite limited.

So I dropped my luggage in my room and went off to visit some stuff in Kyoto. First up was the Nanzenji shrine. I was surprised to find a Roman-type of aquaduct there (or even in Japan for that matter). After this shrine I started my way along the Path of Philosophy which starts very nearby Nanzenji. It's a quiet walk along a little river, which has cherry trees besides it. But since the cherry blossom season had just ended, they looked just like normal trees. Along the path are a few small temples and shrines though. At the end of the Path of Philosophy, there is also the Ginkakuji, the Silver Pavillion (but it's not actually covered in silver, as opposed to the Kinkakuji, the Golden Pavillion, which IS actually covered in gold). But since they were renovating it and entry wasn't free, I didn't go in as I don't really like taking pictures of old buildings that are surrounded with scaffolding. I think I read it's supposed to be done next year, so I'll go see it next year.
By this time, my feet were killing me again and I went back to the hotel. Since I had done everything that was on my schedule for today, it was okay to end here.
Found some nice pastry shop at Kyoto station called Sizuya, it's very good for breakfast.

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