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Day 1 (27/04): Arrival & Tokyo


Day 1 (27/04): Arrival & Tokyo

  11:21:12 am, Categories: Japan 2009

Well well, finally got this internet connection working.
A little roundup of the first day. Arrived well on time at Narita airport and I was again not able to sleep on the plane. I felt a little bit less tired than last year though as I had slept a bit more the days before.
As there was hardly any line at the immigration I could quickly get my bag and go through customs. Exchanged my Japan Rail Pass (which I will starting from tomorrow, not today) and got on the 9h59 Skyliner train to Ueno. That's one hour ahead of schedule ;p. That forecast about clouds and rain wasn't true, it was sunny and a clear sky!

Arrived at 11h02 in Keisei Ueno station and immediately went to my hotel to drop off my bag. Even though I arrived way too early, I was very fortunate to find out that my was already ready (being 11h20 while check-in is at 15h). The guy behind the reception was not a Japanese so he could speak quite good english. He actually asked if I had been there before as he seemed to remember me! As it is my fourth time here in Oak Hotel and I had indeed seen him there last year too, he had a good memory, or maybe I was so memorable? :D The other girl at the reception was also still working there it seems; two years ago she was doing her first week there I think when I stayed there.
Anyway, dropped my bag in my room, moved my camera&lens to my camera bag and went on my way. First task, get myself a Suica card. As I couldn't use my Japan Rail Pass until tomorrow, I had to pay a ticket for every ride on the JR lines. A Suica card is an rfid-card to open the doors and pay for the ride. You just need to hold it above the reading and the card is charged. Most people put this in their wallet and hold their wallet above the ready (it's even integrated in mobile phones here too). I felt right at home holding my wallet above the reader <(^-^)/
First stop, a quick look in the reseller shop in Ueno: many tickets for Ayu, none yet for Perfume. Then took the train to Shinjuku for the next reseller shop. According to their website, they had tickets for the Suzumiya Haruhi no Gensou event at this location, but I could not find it and they didn't even heard of it... Small disaster, but many Ayu tickets and no Perfume yet. On to the next stop: Shibuya. Went into Tsutaya first and bought the new concert dvd of Perfume and then went to look for the reseller shop. From their website I knew they had some specific Ayu tickets that I wanted and I found them: 2 for 30.000 yen. Here I found the first Perfume tickets (they only went on sale yesterday), but the price... 80.000 yen for 2 tickets in B-block z(-_-')/ and I'm seeing more outragous prices, I'm going to wait a little and see what comes in the next days. But I got my B4-block tickets for Ayumi Hamasaki, so that's okay.

it was now about 14h and I was getting hungry so I went to Akihabara. First hopped into Gamers (and already stocked up on the next issues of the Haruhi manga and the new Haruhi-chan manga and the first issue of the K-On manga, the last one doesn't have furigana but I'm just buying it to have it ;p and the K-On! ED single I also bought). Went to eat some curryrice at Cafe with Cat, where they now seemed to have an English menu! (although I had already translated it myself last year and I already knew what I wanted ;p) I really like this place, of course they are dressed up as cats, but it's also very quiet, you can easily have a chat with your friend or just read some manga while eating. It's nice to be away from the busy outside. After this, took a quick look in Tora no Ana and Animate before heading back. The sky started to look cloudy and grey and wind was coming up, so I rushed back to the hotel. Arrived dry and safe, and it didn't actually rain, twas just cloudy and windy.
Was so tired cause of the jet lag that I went to sleep at 18h! Woke up 3 hours later, thinking it was morning as it was half dark outside. So went back to sleep at woke up again at 2h, and went to check my internet connection again, as it didn't work before. And to my surprise, it now worked! So went to check my email and right this blog post. It's now 3h off to sleep now for another 3 hours and wake up at 6 again and get ready to go to Hakone! Will be a long day and with many pictures!


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Comment from: Mane
5 stars

Congratulations for the safe trip, Peter!
It’s so melancholic to hear (read) you so happy there, I wish I could go again someday soon too!
Have fun and thanks for your post!

04/27/09 @ 11:58
Comment from: Elia
5 stars

Hey glad to see you made it there in one piece ^^
What an awesome first day, I felt like I was walking around Tokyo with you! haha!
but someday soon yeah with Mane too ^^
well take care and have fun.. and good luck with the Perfume tix!

04/28/09 @ 03:59

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