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Japan 2008 trip update


Japan 2008 trip update

  04:03:53 pm, Categories: Japan 2008

Due to circumstances my friend who was coming along to Japan is unable to join on my trip, so I will be going alone. Booked my flight today, so the dates are settled. Now I'm changing my planning a bit as my friend isn't coming along.

My flight will depart on the 23rd and arriving the 24th of March. And I will be leaving on the 8th of April. This gives me a total of 15 days ^^; Got a flight of 705eur with Brussels Airlines and Virgin Atlantic with a connection in London.

I'm still finalizing my planning, but some of the places that I haven't visited yet include: Kamakura, Hiroshima, Miyajima, Kobe, Fukuoka, and maybe Iwakuni, Ise Shima. Will be visiting Kyoto & Osaka again to see a few things that I missed last time. A few museums are also on the visiting list like the Edo-Tokyo Museum and maybe the Sword Museum.

Some anime locations I will visit this time will be locations from Lucky Star and Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu ^^; (I have a very comprehensive guide ;p)

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