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Day 7 (30/03): Harajuku & X-Japan concert


Day 7 (30/03): Harajuku & X-Japan concert

  05:55:25 am, Categories: Japan 2008

Went to Harajuku today, to hopefully see some cosplayers at Harajuku bridge, but there were only a few. There were a lot of performers though. Amateur bands that play their stuff near Yoyogi Park hoping for a record contract and to distribute selfmade cds to people who like their music. And there were also those who were dancing to rockabilly music with appropriate outfits and hair.

As I was walking through Yoyogi park it seemed that it was the first day of Hamami or the waiting for the sakura to fall. Lots and lots of people were gathering in the park with blankets to sit on and eating food. It's a real gathering all over Japan, this Hamami.

Then, after walking a bit through Omotesando, went to Tokyo Dome to get in line for the last of three X Japan concerts. First, got in line for the merchandise, but unfortunately, only the photo book was still available. All the rest was already out of stock from the previous two days. It was still a long wait until the doors finally opened at 16h30 (on the ticket it said 16h). I had a ticket at the top balcony on row 21 (there were 27 rows). Although I sat quite high, I had a very good view of the whole stadium and the whole stage, even though it seemed a little small from up their. The concert started about 35 minutes later than it should, so it was again a long wait. But it finally started with a bang. The stage was big and had 3 catwalks into the crowd. Hide was really present during the whole concert. They used a cylindrical screen near his place on stage that projected his image playing guitar. Unfortunately, they only used that screen for the first few songs, but still, he appeared a lot on the other large screens. For some songs there was a lot of crowd interaction like during I.V., X, Forever Love and Endless Rain. Toshi talked about what all the 5 members have done during the last 10 years. There were also a few guest support musicians to replace hide, but they were kept on the background a bit. Hide made an appearance by playing two of his songs. And also Violet UK brought a song, which was actually quite a weird song, in combination with a light show, an american female singer and fashion models on the catwalks, which is all part of the Violet UK project from Yoshiki. Yoshiki did his long drum solo again on the rotating stage that goes into the air and all the way to the middle of the arena, this time also featuring some synths. The whole concert had many of the same elements as the Last Live from 10 years ago. He even did a short repeat of his thing with the fire extinguisher ;p. This time they also threw roses into the audience.
At the end, when they all come to take a bow, Yoshiki went behind stage and brought back a large puppet of hide, to join them in their bows. It was a wonderful sight, hide will never be forgotten. It doesn't have to be all sad things, hide would have loved this, even if it looks funny. I think everybody felt that he was present and that he was honored.
I think it was a great concert and shows that they haven't lost their feel for the music and that they are definitely back. Yoshiki has even announced after the first concert that they will be doing a concert in Paris. This is wonderful, so my friends can go see them too!

Some gothic lolita girls

Some guys dressed Visual Kei (they are NOT goth!! as I heard some people from Holland saying there)

Amateur bands at Yoyogi park

Little flee market

They were quite popular (and good too)

Hanami, sakura watching

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