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Day 6 (29/03): Tokyo International Anime Fair


Day 6 (29/03): Tokyo International Anime Fair

  03:48:40 am, Categories: Anime, Japan 2008

Just got back from the first public day and I'm exhausted and my back hurts from all the free bags & goodies ^^; Got about 6 bags and loads of pamphlets. I actually missed one other bag that I really wanted but seemed to be out of stock ;( Now I got only one problem to solve, that is how to get the bags in my suitcase... It will be a puzzle ;p

Ok, I must say it was awesome, seeing all this anime in one big hall. Many of the booths had cosplayers handing out stuff. Even though it said on the website that pictures are not allowed unless otherwise shown at the booth, you could actually take a lot of pictures on, most of the no-photographs signs where next to tv screens. And thank the nice folks at Good Smile for letting us take pictures of (most of) all the nice figures ;p
Saw many booth with previews of new shows to come. I'm especially looking forward to Tetsuwan Birdy - DECODE, since I liked the original OVA very much. And the updated Birdy looks good as well ;p Also looking forward to To Love-ru, Druaga no To: the Aegis of Uruk and Kurogane no Linebarrels. GONZO is up to some nice stuff.

One downside to the public days: there were just a little bit too much people. And when they all start crawling through each other with those bags, it can get messy ;p

P.S.: I want a new digital camera... Some of the defects come from the fact that I don't have a steady hand, but there are also other problems that don't come from this, like lines and little distortions in the pictures, especially in darker pictures, but can also be in lighter. This combined with my unsteady hand, and sometimes even after taking my time to take a picture, it still is not good. The technical errors are definitely worth buying a new camera, and I think the newer models are improved for unsteady hands and also better ISO, which is especially visible when taking pictures that are not well lit.

And now for some pictures:
Outside the conference center in the long queue.

The whole SOS gang in figma version:

Moetan 1/8 scale figure and nendoroid version:

I absolutely have to have this, sooo cute:

Lucky Star Nendoroid Petit:

Hatsune Miku figma and scale figure (want this one too):

Adorable Hatsune Miku nendoroid (WANT!!) and another character from vocaloid (also want):

So adorable!

Some signed stuff:

Girl from Hidamari Sketch:

Forgot name:

Very nice cosplay of Yoko from Gurren Lagann:

A pink Tweety:

Even Tintin from Belgium made it here:

Some more figures:

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I went to the TAF in 2007 and had such a blast there and came back to my hotel loaded with bags and leaflets. A definite highlight of my trip. I was hoping to go back next year but it’s in the middle of March so it’s a no-goer for me.

07/03/08 @ 11:55

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