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Day 3 (26/03): Lucky Star Locations


Day 3 (26/03): Lucky Star Locations

  02:56:32 am, Categories: Japan 2008, Real-life locations

Lots of walking planned for today as I will be looking for the locations featured in the Lucky Star anime. Took the Tobu Isesaki line to Kasukabe for my first stop. Kasukabe station itself is featured in the anime as well. The four girls frequently seen at the station and in front of it, as well as in the OP where we see Hiiragi Tsukasa dancing in front of it.
Next is the school they go to, this is quite a walk from Kasukabe station, and the school itself is in a quite rural area. The school has quite a large sports infrastructure, the school uniform is of course very different from the one in the anime ;p
All the way back to Kasukabe station, to go further on the Isesaki line to Washinomiya. In Washinomiya we have the Washinomiya shrine which is where the Hiiragi twins live with their parents who are the caretakers of the shrine. The Washinomiya shrine has become quite a pilgrimage for fans of the anime, on many of the wooden blocks hung at the shrine feature drawings of Lucky Star (or other anime). A few months ago there was even an event with 2 or 3 of the seiyuu from the anime. They seem to have big plans for the shrine as they are going to expand the building and the terrain quite a bit. A nice detail, they have a cage there which has peacocks (& some chickens ;p) in it.
After this went back to the hotel and got an early night of sleep.

(pictures and reference pictures coming coming later)

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