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Day 16 (08/04): Flight back


Day 16 (08/04): Flight back

  11:45:31 am, Categories: Japan 2008

Got up at 6h in the morning to be able to catch my flight. I heard that the rain that was going on since last evening hadn't stopped. Was out of the hotel by 6h40, grabbed an umbrella from the hotel (which are freely available, you find this service also in some shops) and went to the nearest train station, which was still about a 15-20min walk. It was really raining hard and lots of rain came on my suitcase, although myself didn't get wet cause of the umbrella. But I should have taken more attention to my suitcase. Some of the upper stuff got a bit wet... Luckily, almost all of the books were still in their plastic bag and were okay. Except my thick Comp Ace book (the monthly manga mag) had some water damage, but it's still readable. Didn't make the train of 7h24 to Narita by just a minute, so took the one of 7h50 and got there at 9h04. Still nice in time for check-in. Getting at the check-in counter, they weighed my suitcase and I saw on the display it said 30.5kg :s Max allowed was 25kg... So I had to pay extra. Paper seems to weigh a lot ;p Anyway, I didn't care and paid the extra and got my window seat that I wanted.
We got off the ground at 11h with some strong cross wind. As the wheels lifted from the ground the right wing was only about 5 feet from the ground ;p. I heard from the people on the other side and I had also noticed it because the left wing really went up in the air. Isn't it fun ;p The rest of the flight was quite smooth actually.
Arrived in London on time at 15h30 and a connection at 18h25. It felt like a longer wait than on the first (which was even 1 hour more). London to Brussels is like up and down and you're there so I was quickly back in my home country by 20h30. Got back home unpacked everything and went to bed at 23h. Next would be back to work...

The rest of the pictures will come later, because of the trouble with my camera. But the posts will be updated slowly.

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