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Day 15 (07/04): Last day in Tokyo


Day 15 (07/04): Last day in Tokyo

  06:19:56 am, Categories: Japan 2008

Sadly it's my last day again. So went to Akihabara for the last time. Had met up with Matthew from the concert, but for some reason we could not find each other. Went to eat some curry-rice at Cafe with Cat again (I'm getting quite a regular customer there ^^). Then went around to look for some cheap stuff I could buy with the money I have left. Went to Shibuya afterwards to buy Ayumi's new single Mirrorcle World. Bought it at Tsutaya, because you could get a special plastic folder with it. Seems like these printed plastic folders are popular lately. I'm seeing the same trend in anime as well. They are nice because they are quite big (A4 format), and actually useful to put some papers in them ;p. While the pencil boards are used to lay paper on them and write on it, which means you could "damage" the pencil board when you press to hard. Anyway, I got my single (2 versions) and a poster with it, so I'm happy ^^. I actually got two plastic folder because I bought both versions, but it's the same picture printed on them, and the plastic bag it came in, also has ayu's picture on it ^^.
Then went back to Akihabara to eat something again and went on foot back to the hotel. It's not that very far from Jimbocho and since my Japan Rail Pass was only valid for 14 days until yesterday, I can't spend too much money on train tickets any more, just for the Skyliner to Narita Airport tomorrow and some food.
Gonna get some sleep now to wake up again at 6h and take the Skyliner at 7h25 to be at least 2h in advance of my flight. That might be early but you get better choice of seats and I like window seats. I like them for 2 reasons, I like watching out of the window in an airplane and you don't need to get up for other people wanting to get through. Only one downside is the opposite of the last one, if I need to go to the bathroom I need to pass by other people. But I don't need to go very often on airplanes, so that's good.

Be back later for more pictures and a final review of my trip. Off to bed now.


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Back in Akihabara

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