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Day 14 (06/04): Ayumi Hamasaki concert


Day 14 (06/04): Ayumi Hamasaki concert

  07:32:02 am, Categories: Ayumi Hamasaki, Japan 2008

Finally, it's the day of the concert! Went early to the stadium area at around 11h30. I had been emailing with a girl from Australia who I was gonna meet there. And also left a message on AHS, but I wasn't sure it would get to them in time. It was a very sunny day I must say, think I got a little bit of a tan from this vacation ;p. Been noticing it the for the past days. Didn't expect it. I waited until 13h, and didn't see anybody and went to the merchandising stand, cause I still had a few items to buy, and met another guy there from England. He was shy about buying some merchandise and helped him along. He wanted a t-shirt, but as you know, they aren't out yet until the 8th so he bought a hoody. We started talking (his name was Matthew) and eventually met up with Amanda (the girl from Australia). Took some picture for each other with the arena in the background, got something small to eat and it was almost time the doors opened so we went to get into the line. The doors opened half an hour late, which also meant the concert was starting half an hour late at 16h30. I had already seen the tracklist on AHS from the day before and read some of the things that were going to happen on stage and seen pictures of the costumes ;p

Anyway, the concert started with a movie on screen with ayu on board of a flying pirate ship with ayu on the wheel of course. Music started playing THE JUDGMENT DAY (from GUILTY album) and then Ayu started to sing the first lines of Talkin' 2 Myself in acapella ;p Then the concert burst into action. Another highlight is at the beginning of (Don't) Leave me Alone, she's bound on a wheel and the wheel starts turning making her go upside down like she's going to be tortured. Very cool done ;p
She sings My Name's Women again and does the same routine with the chair and whip. During this song the big white curtains come down and the actual stage is revealed, which looks very golden ;p.
Next highlight is the recreation of the marionette PV. The round stage in the middle of the arena is transformed into something like a carousel, and they dance like puppets, again, very cool ;p.
She sings some older songs like HANABI and end roll too. Then comes the SURREAL-evolution-SURREAL medley she's done before. I was still expecting something (cause I read it on AHS ;p), because it seemed like the end of the first part. But then the music from Mirrorcle World started, the lights went on and there was a giant white sheet in front of the stage with the A-mark on it. And then it fell down and it revealed a the big pirate ship from the movie at the beginning of the concert. In complete detail even with rotating propellers, with Ayu on the deck of course. The ship even turned to the other side and back. It looked really really cool! Now it was the real end of the first part and there was a short break of about 15 minutes.
At the encore, Ayu came on stage and did a small MC and started singing Dearest and Voyage. She really sang them very well! Then comes the MC with Yocchan and some questions from fans. There was a short acapella version of Seasons because it was a question of a fan. Supposedly she didn't know and just sang a bit of the chorus, but she sang it the night before as well, so she was prepared ;p. Then comes one of the dancers (Zin), and teaches us the arm moves for MY ALL (which I already knew a little bit because it was also taught during the last Countdown Live). Then the last part kicked off with Independent and Boys and Girls. And as last one, MY ALL. She cries a bit during this song and during this song the confetti strings shoot into the audience. After this we get thankyous and the final "Arigatou Gozaimasu" when the arena had finally become quiet.

I really loved the concert and even though I was the third row from the back, I was still able to see it very well as Yoyogi stadium is not that extremely big. B or C-block would have been better, but oh well, I enjoyed it! Can't wait for the DVD! (duh!)

If you really want a long (LONG) review of the concert look here:
and for set list and pictures:

The ayu cars are here again ;p

Merchandise stand

I'm ready ^^


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Comment from: JJ
5 stars

I’m hoping to catch a concert in December when I go back for my 4th visit. I’m hoping that either Hikki, Namie Amuro or Koda Kumi will be in action. It’s great that you’ve managed to see some fantastic concerts during the trips to Japan. I’m envious!

07/03/08 @ 12:09
5 stars

Seeing this makes me feel like it was just yesterday! ^_^

05/07/09 @ 17:31

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