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Day 13 (05/04): Back to Tokyo - Shinjuku Skyscrapers


Day 13 (05/04): Back to Tokyo - Shinjuku Skyscrapers

  06:49:10 am, Categories: Japan 2008

Today I moved back to Tokyo, where I'll be staying 3 more nights, during which I'll be going to Ayumi concert ^^.
I don't really like Osaka, but it's location is convenient for the Shinkansen, although my hotel was not so convenient to get to Shin-Osaka station for the Shinkansen. Especially with a heavy suitcase... Getting on the loop line in morning rush hour, FULL of people. I like being in crowds like that, but not when I need to carry along heavy bags or suitcases.

Anyway, I finally arrived in Tokyo at around 13h and went to my new hotel in Jimbocho this time: Jimbocho Sakura Hotel. You may remember I was in Jimbocho a week ago, it's where there's loads of book shops in one street, music instruments shops and sports shops in another. I was not very well prepared and didn't print a map (which is not my style, not being prepared), but I kinda knew where it was. So I just went in that direction and searched for a map. The good thing is, the maps in the area also have hotels on it. And indeed, Sakura Hotel was on the map, and it was 2 streets away around the corner ;p Once I know where something is, I remember it. I had been to the previous two hotels last year so I could find them quite easily.

Dropped my bags there and went to Shinjuku to take a look again at the skyscraper district. This time I was going to go to the observatory on the 45th floor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, which has a very nice view of Tokyo. (and it's free ;p) You can actually choose to go up the north or the south tower. I took the south tower because I heard it had a better view.

After Shinjuku I went to have a look in Harajuku where the first concert of Ayumi's new your was going to be. I wanted to get some merchandising the day before I went to the concert so I could wear some of it. There were of course,loads of people around especially at Harajuku station, which was not only because of the concert but also because it's near Takeshita street with all the trendy cloth shops and it's Saturday. I met with two down side when buying merchandise. The t-shirt weren't out until the 12th and the light fans weren't out until the 8th of April. So no light fans or t-shirts ;( Did get the towel, muffler and phone straps though. I'll order the rest through the internet later.
Now I had to get back through that big swamp of people to my hotel. End of today, getting some sleep. Tomorrow is concert day!

Takashima Times Square building

A new big building in Shinjuku, it's a fashion university!

View from Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building south tower

Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi National Gymnasium (here will be Ayumi concert ;p)

The 5-star Park Hyatt Hotel from Lost in Translation

View at the other tower

The first concert of Ayumis tour

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