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Day 12 (04/04): Hiroshima & Miyajima


Day 12 (04/04): Hiroshima & Miyajima

  07:58:05 am, Categories: Japan 2008

Today is Hiroshima, which was originally planned for yesterday. I also shortened the schedule a bit as I was late out of bed. Orignally planned for Hiroshima, Miyajima and Iwakuni, but I dropped Iwakuni, which was actually just added to fill up the day because it was not far from Hiroshima.

Hiroshima is of course very well known because of the atomic bomb that was dropped here in World War II. There was one building still standing, that actually stood the closest to the impact. It has a very distinct look as it has a dome on top of it, of which the steel frame is still visible. The building was kept in the exact state as it was when the bomb exploded, and will be kept like this for eternity to let later generations remember the cruelty of war and the destructive force of the atomic bomb. The building is also on the world heritage list.

Next I went to have a quick look at Hiroshima Castle (which was rebuilt after it was destroyed by the atomic bomb).

Then I took the streetcar to Miyajima, where I took the ferry to Miyajima island. This is the location where there is a Torii standing in the water and has many temples and shrines. I was surprised (but not completely) that here also there are deer walking around freely. I've seen the same last year in Nara. These seem to sometimes like paper as one of them tried to eat my flyer which had a map of the island on it ;p
It was low tide, and therefore you could walk up to the torii that stand in the water (well, the water was gone now, obviously). On the shore in front of the torii, there is a large and very old temple. A bit further up the hill is also a small five-story pagoda. Both had very bright red colors which was very beautiful. It's possible to explore the whole island and go to the top by a ropeway. Much of the island is also on the world heritage list. But it was getting late and wanted to get back in time.

A-Bomb Dome

Peace Park

Hiroshima Castle

Streetcar in Hiroshima: New

And old

Ferry to Miyajima

Deer in Miyajima

They like to eat paper

Miyajima torii in the water

Arrow to ropeway station: 10 min walk (7 if run a little) ;p

Miyajima shrine

This is normally filled with water at high tide

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