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Day 1 (24/03): Sakura trees, Akiba & Omotesando


Day 1 (24/03): Sakura trees, Akiba & Omotesando

  05:16:21 am, Categories: Japan 2008

Arrived in Tokyo station at 12h16 and you're really thrown in the crowd as Tokyo station is very crowdy and many platforms. If you haven't been here before, it's a complete chaos. But I knew which train line to take. I took the Keihin-Tohoku, which is faster than the Yamanote line as it skips a few smaller stations. This time I went immediately to put my baggage at the hotel. What was less good, was that it rained hard. And on the train to Tokyo, I realized I forgot to pack my umbrella ;p So I had to buy an umbrella and got me one of those clear ones that you see a lot in Japan. Anyway, got my baggage put away, and went back to Ueno to the park to see the remaining sakura, and there were still quite a lot, it was very beautiful.

Part 2:
After Ueno Park I went for a quick look at the reseller shop in Ueno for my tickets for the concerts. There were many tickets for Ayumi's tour but only 2 for the 6th, and none for the 5th. X-Japan had more choice as it were only 3 concerts. No Gazette tickets though...
Went for a quick stroll around Akihabara and went back to check in the hotel. The room looked just like last time, good enough.
Then I went for a walk through Harajuku to check the reseller shop there, but was rather dissapointed as they practically had no choice at all for Ayumi, just 4 tickets. Not coming here again. Then I went looking for the Hello Kitty shop on Omotesando. There isn't actually a Hello Kitty shop there, but a shop called Kiddy World. It has several floors of cute toys and has a large section of Hello Kitty on one of its floors. You really get overloaded of all the cute stuff, love it ;p Went to bed after this, sooo tired from the flight.

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Yo man,

Veilig aangekomen zie ik. Have fun ginder en laat geregeld wa van u horen hé ;)

Sakura <3 ;p

03/24/08 @ 12:03

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