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Day 7 (10/05): Imperial Palace & Ayu Concert


Day 7 (10/05): Imperial Palace & Ayu Concert

  08:55:56 am, Categories: Ayumi Hamasaki, Japan 2007

Got out of bed rather late, it was 9 o'clock and had to be at the imperial palace at 10h. So that meant breakfast/getting dressed in 15 minutes. Running to Ueno station in 10minutes. Taking the Yamanote for 10-15 minutes to Tokyo Station, and then running to the imperial palace, and arriving still at 9h50! Right on time! :D Mane was a bit late, but she managed to get on the tour. During the tour, we were approached by some british guys (seeing his shirt with a small union jack on it) and asked: Where are you from? Belgium. Do you happen to know AHS? Yeah. So are you Hatix then? Well, didn't you see the Ayu t-shirt? :p
So I knew who they were, but after the tour they had to go back to their hotel to get their other friend out of bed ;p So I already went on to Shin-Yokohama station with the shinkansen, and Mane went shopping in Shibuya.
(will update blog further tomorrow, my bed is still filled with stuff, and it's almost 1 o'clock again... But here are some pictures)

Imperial Palace balcony where the emperors waves at the japanese people every year:

Some bulding of the Imperial Palace:

The stage of Arena Tour 2007 (this was taken after the concert):

The front part of the stage of Arena Tour 2007:

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