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Day 6 (09/05): Yokohama & Ayu Concert


Day 6 (09/05): Yokohama & Ayu Concert

  08:25:53 am, Categories: Ayumi Hamasaki, Japan 2007

Got up quickly because this is a big day! Concert day! Wore my ayu t-shirt and had my muffler (small towerl) ready. Met with Mane at Ueno station and then went to Tokyo station to try to meet with other AHS members. After waiting until 12 o'clock and realizing that saying "Meet in front of Tokyo station" is kinda difficult, as it has 6 exits and Tokyo Station is quite big. After seeing nobody we took the Shinkansen to Shin-Yokohama and went directly to the arena to be able to buy our goods (as there were rumours of waiting lines of 5 hours...). Having arrived there, this was not really true, the shops opened at 14h30. While waiting there at the arena, we found Blasterion and his sister (from the Netherlands). We waited for another hour until 14h30, and me and Mane were 7th & 8th in line for buying goods at Ayus first concert back on Japanese soil :D (Blast & his sis were 9th & 10th). Japanese people tend to be very organized, we had to stand in rows of 4 people. There were 8 shopping lines. Everything went pretty quick, so you don't really have to wait a long time. After this being done, we decided to do sight seeing in Yokohama. But since it was already 15h now, we had only 2.5 hours before the doors of the concert opened. So we took the subway to Minato Mirai. It is a touristic/shopping/business district with some skyscrapers. One of the skyscrapers is the Minato Mirai 21 of 293m high, and thus the highest building in Japan (not highest tower, because Tokyo Tower is higher). We took the elevator to the 69th floor at 270m. It was the fastest elevator in Japan going at 700 meter per minute (of course there was a speed indicator in the elevator). You don't feel the accelleration up to 700, but the slowing down from 700 to 0, wow! You know the feeling of an elevator going up and slowing down when it reaches its floor? Well this takes 10 seconds to slow down and slow down big time. And are literally only 3 floor buttons in the elevator: 3rd, 5th and 69th floor ;p. But the view was wonderful. Going down again, when the elevator starts to slow down again fro 700 to 0, now you're getting pulled down very strongly, and seems to take ages. But 20 seconds in total for 270 meter is impressive.
After this there was not really any time left to go to Yokohama China Town or the Ramen Museum, so we went straight back to the concert and arrived there at 17h40, the doors had just opened and it was of course crowded with people. We went straight in and were at our seats at 18h, half an hour before the start of the concert. But were we surprised of our seats! I had B3 block seats, and there are A,B,C & D blocks in the center. But I knew the stage had a long catwalk and then a round thing at the end, but I wasn't sure until which block it went. Well, we had the last row of B3 block, but the round thing ended at the last row of B-block!! We were on the 8th seats from the middle, so we were like 10-15m from the round stage. So when Ayu would come over the catwalk to the center stage, we could see her VERY good! But 75% of the time Ayu stays on the main stage at the back. But we could still see her very well. The stage itself was the same as the last Countdown Live concert.
18h30: not everyone was in there seats yet, so a loud beep went off for the last call, so 10 more minutes to the start of the concert.
18h40: a long loud beep went off marking the start of the concert. It was show time!! "LABYRINTH" kicked in with a red moon projected on the curtains, and the curtains went up slowly, revealing the dancers dressed up in the middle, but no Ayu yet! After the instrumental, a kind of orchestral version of "Evolution" started, and Ayu started coming down from the top on a swing! The first minute of "Evolution" was different as it was kind of orchestral, and then the normal "Evolution" kicked in! Followed by "Unite!" and by the instrumental "taskinst", and a few rock songs: "1 LOVE" and "until that Day". Then we got a nice piano solo from Yuusuke and that went into a wonderful version of "M" and then "appears". After this Ayu came back in a beautiful kimono singing "part of Me" and "Secret".
Then another wonderful instrumental using some loud church organs which marked the start of "kiss 'o kill". Then another instrumental "Not yet...", this time again with a laser show like with the last Countdown Live, but this laser show was better than the one at the Countdown. Now came the last run to the end of the first part with some classic songs like: "SURREAL", "AUDIENCE" and "Boys & Girls". It's just wonderful to shout the audience singing parts of Boys & Girls with all the other fans! Then there was a pause of about 10 minutes until "Ayu Ready" started and the Ayu Logo started dancing again, doing all new fun things :). The encore started with a change in the song list: "momentum"! Followed by another older but wonderful song: "SEASONS". Now there was some talking between ayu and yocchan as always. This was followed by some classic party songs from Ayu: "Independent" and "Humming 7/4". The concert ended with her best and most favorite ending song: "Who...". After this, Ayu thanked everybody again: musicians, dancers, staff, and of course: all of us! Then she lay down her microphone and asked for silence and then shouted to the top of her lungs: Arigatou Gozaimas! (which means thank you very much). This marked the end of the concert and the end of an experience of a lifetime. Every time Ayu was on the center stage, each direction she looked was greeted with many waves, including us of course. Trying to wave the hardest to make her wave back. This she didn't wave directly at us unfortunatly,but she did the next day (even though we were further away).
After we got out of the arena we couldn't find Blasterion & his sister any more, but we found eddi (from Dallas, USA). And went back to Tokyo with him. But we went straight to our hotels because we were all exhausted. This marked the end of a dream come true! And tomorrow a second time ;p

Minato Mirai 21 Building:

Empty Ayu merchandise stand:

Merchandise stand after we bought our stuff:

This was when the doors had just been opened for like 10 minutes:

Ayu stuff I bought:

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