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Finding anime in Orlando


Finding anime in Orlando

  12:32:59 am, Categories: Anime, America 2008

I was in Orlando on my last trip to America and was looking to buy some anime-related things. I did a google search to find some shops and found a forum where they talked about a shop near Florida Mall called Bad Apple Comics. It's actually an American comics shop but also carried some manga. So I went to check it out and actually found out they had practically nothing: no manga, just a few figures in a corner. Bad luck... but we were going to Florida Mall on the other side of the road anyway and there I found much more. There is a music/dvd shop there called F.Y.E., it's a big chain. It's a big store and at the back of the store there is quite a large section of anime dvd, even manga, some t-shirts and even some Japanese candy ;p. Bought my last 2 dvd boxes I needed to complete my Haruhi dvds. (will make post later of the contents of the limited editions)

There was also another interesting shop in Florida Mall called Japan HQ. It's full of Japanese stuff like Hello Kitty, other cute stuff, figures and even gunpla kits. Not really anime dvds, but it's a nice shop. They also have a website which tells that they are a Florida based company with one other shop in the Orlando area.

So if you have some anime or japan needs in Orlando, these shops are what you need.


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Comment from: Itachi ^-^
5 stars

This will help loads When i go to Florida!

10/21/08 @ 10:19
Comment from: Malin

Yeah, thanks. Where was that florida mall?

08/02/09 @ 16:00
Comment from: animewarrior
5 stars

Thanks so much! I’m going to Disney World… >> next week… ^^ and I wanted to get some anime when I was there. Florida Mall it is then.

09/15/09 @ 13:39
Comment from: Shaphat

I´m going to Orlando too and I will stay at Florida Mall Hotel. When I went there last time I went to F.Y.E too n bought some FMA DVDs there, for Manga I prefer Waldenbooks, that´s the library in the Mall, it has a lot of manga to choose from.I also went to Hot Topic, you can find Anime T-shirts and some random anime stuff there.Another Book Store Barnes & Noble is across the mall and you can also find lots of manga there. If you go to the Amusement Parks I suggest you visit Epcot, in the Japan Area you will find a store that sells stuff like Kimonos,anime DVDs,naruto cosplay stuff, candys, etc..

12/14/09 @ 23:40
Comment from: Marie
5 stars

Thank you! And also thank you Shaphat I was able to find lots of anime and manga shops :D

12/27/09 @ 21:55
Comment from: Naruto
5 stars

Thank you!

01/30/10 @ 23:59
Comment from: Matthew Webber
5 stars

Will check these out! Also of possible interest is Sci-Fi City (on Colonial Drive at the very eastern-most tip of Orlando) and if you visit EPCOT, try the department store in the Japanese Pavilion - it varies, but it often stocks a few kits and toys. I once saw some Lupin 3 figures there and they often stock Gundam kits.

10/31/10 @ 11:49

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