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Day 8 (03/05): Philadelphia (part 1)


Day 8 (03/05): Philadelphia (part 1)

  10:16:16 pm, Categories: America 2008

We dropped off Nick at Six Flags Magic Mountain and went back to Philadelphia to check out the historic center. This is the birthplace of the United States of America where the Declaration of Independence was written and signed and has many old restored buildings.

But first we visited the location of a memorable movie scene from Rocky: The Rocky Steps. These are the stairs where he runs to the top and puts his hands in the air. This as filmed at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I ran up the stairs, like many other people there, but Tim didn't because his knee hurt, but he did put up his arms at the top (of which I took a picture). This has really become an icon and you see many people doing the same thing.
At the bottom of the stairs on the side there is also a statue of Rocky.

After this we went to visit the historical center, but that's for the next post.

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Comment from: Timothy

Awelawel, ik ben eens benieuwd naar jullie verhalen als jullie terug zijn. Hou jullie goed ginder!


05/16/08 @ 10:12

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