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Day 17 (12/05): Kennedy Space Center


Day 17 (12/05): Kennedy Space Center

  11:20:16 am, Categories: America 2008

It was an hour drive eastward, to Kennedy Space Center, also known as Cape Canaveral or just The Cape. It's located on an long-stretched island that sticks out of Florida. Although the space center is located here, it is also a natural park with even endangered species. But because the whole is off limits, nature can just go its way.
Anyway, we drove up to the visitor center and got on the tour bus, which took us for a drive by the VAB, Vehicle Assembly Building, one of the largest buildings in the world when talking about space. This is were the space shuttle is attached to the huge fuel tank and the boosters. After which they are taken to launch pad 39A or 39B using the Crawler, a huge vehicle that moves very slow. Our first stop was at the Launch Pad 39 observation gantry, which was the closest we were allowed. The space shuttle was actually on the launch pad, but the launch pad had its back to us, but we could see the big fuel tank on the top. There was also a real single engine from the space shuttle on display.
After this we got on the bus to the next stop, which was the Apollo-Saturn V center. It has a huge hall which has a life-size restored Saturn V launch rocket, and man, it's BIG! It has two theaters: one has a retelling of the Apollo 11 story and the other the reliving of a Apollo-era firing room. And of course, several real used items. After having something to eat here, we got on the bus again to the next stop at the ISS center, where there are several old parts on display and a real disassembly hall of the iSS. After this it's back to the visitor center, where there were some more attractions, like a 3D IMAX movie about the ISS, a space shuttle launch simulator, the first space shuttle Destiny which you can walk into and the Rocket Garden.
Kennedy Space Center was a lot better than we anticipated, it's a must visit if you go to visit Florida. It was very interesting to see all this.

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