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2 new trips to Japan.


2 new trips to Japan.

After the announcement that Idoling!!! will all be graduating in October this year, I just had to make the most of it. So I'm planning to go to both TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2015 in August and to Idoling!!!'s 15th & final Live at the Nippon Budokan in October.
Handshake events will become very difficult though, since Idoling!!!'s last single "Cheering You!!" will be released in July with events in July, and NEO from Idoling!!!'s last single will be released in June. So likely no handshake events to go to :( but I will try at TIF.

Also likely no more studio recordings or Nicohachi Lives or Shibuhachi Lives as well, since they don't do them so close to big lives and I'm only going for 1.5 weeks each time. :( Although I've done so many lives and events over the past years it's still difficult when you don't live in Japan... it's all about timing your trips.

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