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Stuff in San Francisco


Stuff in San Francisco

  12:51:33 am, Categories: Main blog, Anime, Ayumi Hamasaki

I'm on vacation here in San Francisco and I went to the Little Osaka district to look for some anime and ayu-stuff. A quite large shopping center had a big anime-shop. There I bought dvd 3&4 of Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu and dvd 6&7 of Full Metal Panic!, and the dvd of Puni Puni Poemi. Unfortunatly I didn't have any money anymore for the dvdbox of Azumanga Daioh. I looked a bit further in the shopping center and found a big book store, I thought they would probably have some music as well. And they did. I looked under the A and the H, but I couldn't find even 1 cd of Ayumi. I found this very strange, as I did find BoA and Gackt. It had to be something different and behind me was a seperate section of Ayumi ;). Many dvds, albums & singles, although they mostly had just one of each. I bought the albums: I Am..., MY STORY and (miss) understood, the single of CAROLS and the concert dvd of Arena Tour 2005 ~MY STORY~.
Very unfortunate that I had already reached my limit on my credit card :(. (which I found strange actually...).
Well, I was satisfied though ;p.

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