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Life & important events

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November 14th 1981: Born in Merksem, Belgium at 2:20 in the morning. 50.5cm long and 3.250kg, a nice and healthy baby.
September 1987: Attended primary school Sint-Stanislas in Wilrijk.
September 1993: Attended secondary school at OLV-van-Lourdes-College in Edegem.
June 1999: Graduated from secondary school in Latin-Math
October 1999: Entered RUCA university in Informatics course.
December 2000: Dropped out of university and took half year off.
September 2001: Entered Karel-de-Grote Hogeschool in Applied Informatics.
June 2004: Got Bachelors degree (cum laude) in Applied Informatics at Karel-de-Grote Hogeschool

May 2006: Trip with 3 friends to the South-west of USA (California, Vegas, Grand Canyon)
October 2006: Business trip to Israel
November 2006: First trip to Japan for one week (just Tokyo)
May 2007: Second trip to Japan for two weeks (Tokyo and other cities) and went to my first (and second) Ayumi Hamasaki concert and Yuna Ito.
December 2007: Took the JLPT Level 4 test and passed with 71.5% (me happy ^^)
March/April 2008: Third trip to Japan for 2.3 weeks with concert of Ayumi Hamasaki (3rd), the GazettE (2nd) and X-Japan. And I went to Tokyo Anime Fair as well ^^
April/May 2008: Second trip with the same 3 friends to the East of USA this time (New York, Washington, Smokey Mountains, Florida)
April/May 2009: Fourth trip to Japan for 2.5 weeks with concert of Ayumi Hamasaki (4th), Perfume (1st) and Dolls Party 21.
December 2009/January 2010: Fifth trip to Japan for 1 week with Michele, with concert of New Year concert of Ayumi Hamasaki (5th) and Comiket 77.
April 2010: Sixth trip to Japan for 2.5 weeks with Matthew, which concert of Ayumi Hamasaki (6th), Koda Kumi (1st) and Yasutaka Nakata set in Club Asia.
October 2010: New York Anime Fair in New York, Chihara Minori autograph + mini live
December 2010/January 2011: Seventh trip to Japan for 2 weeks, with Idoling!!! 9th Live (x2) & Countdown concert, Comiket 79, Shinahachi Live (2x, Idoling!!! & YGA) and Yazawa Erika DVD release event.
May 2011: Third and last trip to America for 3 weeks (L.A., Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone, Canyonlands, Antelope, Arches, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas)
July 2011: Japan Expo 2011 in Paris, PASSPO☆ mini-live, May'n mini-live & autographs, and X-Japan concert
December 2011/January 2012: Eight trip to Japan for 2 weeks, with Idoling!!! MAMORE!!! single handshake event (5x), Chihara Minori Live (1st) & Ayumi Hamasaki Countdown Live concert (7th), SDN48 4th single release & handshake event, Comiket 81, Jukuhachi Live (2x, Idoling!!! & YGA) and Sakai Hitomi DVD release event.
June 2012: Nineth trip to Japan for 2 weeks, with Idoling!!! Zepp Tour in Tokyo (2x, 4th&5th), Idoling!!! #11 Suu-chan graduation live, Idoling!!! studio recording, Yazawa Erika fan event.
July 2012: Japan Expo 2012 in Paris, Idoling!!! mini-live & handshake event, also met Mori-D & Uematsu-AD, and lots of Japanese fans, and Kyari Pamyu Pamyu mini live.

December 2012/January 2013: Tenth trip to Japan for 2.5 weeks, with TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE concert, Ayumi Hamasaki Countdown Live (8th), Comiket 83, something with ChocoLe?, Shibuhachi?
April/May 2013: Eleventh trip to Japan with parents?

Live concert of artists I have seen or want to see
Ayumi Hamasaki: accomplished (6 times)
Perfume: accomplished (1 time)
Koda Kumi: accomplished (1 time)
the GazettE: accomplished (2 times)
X Japan: accomplished (1 time)
Yasutaka Nataka: accomplished (1 time)
Idoling!!!: accomplished (5 times, 1 mini-live in Paris)
Shinahachi Live: accomplished (2 times) (Idoling!!! & YGA)
Jukuhachi Live: accomplished (2 times) (Idoling!!! & YGA)
Chihara Minori: accomplished (1 mini-live time in NY, 1 time Japan)
May'n: half accomplished (1 mini-live in Paris)
Mizuki Nana: not yet
Hirano Aya: not yet
Suzuki Ami: not yet
Animelo: not yet
Yellow Magic Orchestra: not yet (this will be a difficult one ;p)

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