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Perfume Concert Review [Disco!Disco!Disco!]


Perfume Concert Review [Disco!Disco!Disco!]

  08:48:35 am, Categories: Japan 2009, Perfume

It's a little early post, cause I haven't posted the previous days yet of my Japan trip, but I couldn't wait with this, so here's my review of the latest Perfume concert at Yoyogi National Gymnasium. I don't remember the complete playlist though. The concert was held on May 9th and 10th, and me and Matt went to the final concert on the 10th. We arrived at the venue at around 15h30 and the doors opened at 16h and the concert started at 17h. I was first gonna get some merchandising, so I got in line there. But just before I got to get my stuff, they shouted that the face towel was sold out, so I was just a little too late. But I still bought the t-shirt, clear file with stickers and the shopping bag. After that we went to get some drinks from the vending machine before we started to queue to enter the arena.
I had paid 19k yen for a B3-block arena seat (seat 79 and 80), so I expected it to be good seats, and they were! B3-block was on the right next to the round thing of the stage in the middle. We had the farthest seats from the round thing, but that were just about 10 seats, so we were still at like 10 meters at most from the the round thing. While waiting for everybody to come in, the new CM for Pino with the new song Night Flight was played a few times on the side screens. Right above the round thing there was hanging a huge ball (a metal frame, so you can see through it), with lots of disco balls of various sizes hanging in it. The whole frame was turning and spots were pointed at it. We could not see how the stage itself at the back was looking like as there were bright lights above it shining into the crowd.
There was a VIP section on the same side as our block, but it was on the first floor on the side. It's where the side stage was at Ayumi's Premium Countdown Live. Didn't see much people that I recognized though (I know quite a few faces from Japanese television, but didn't see anybody in particular). BUT... like 5 minutes before the concert started, Yasutaka Nakata and Toshiko entered the VIP-section to sit down, and the whole crowd spontaneously started to applaud for them! Yasutaka had his signature sun glasses on of course ;p. We could see them quite good.

When the final announcement was made (to not take pictures and such), everybody was already standing up and started to applaud and yell occasionally. Never seen people do that at an Ayumi concert. There was also this paper going around through our block about something special before the encore. That we were to shout "Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Perfume! You! You! You! (se-no)". Anyway, then everything went dark and the music started. The ball with the disco balls started to go up slowly and music was starting to build up. On the screen it then said: "What is Disco?". Then the girls appeared on the main stage and they started with One Room Disco, their latest single. Man, the sound was so great, the beats booming through the arena! Everybody started dancing and jumping. One Room Disco was followed by Polyrhythm, another great song that had the crowd really going. I just love the bit with the repeating stuff, it was just awesome to hear it as if you were in a club. I think the next song was edge with a good intro and visual effects. It think it was during this song that the girls started to come the middle for the first time, and they stood on a platform that moved over the catwalk from the stage to the round thing (you could walk over the whole catwalk though). After this I don't really know the order of the songs anymore but I'll talk a bit about the highlights.
There was this long video with the girls dressed in black with sunglasses (being the bad girls) and them again dressed in white (the good girls), and black ones were asking "What is disco?", and the white ones were trying to find the answer. At the end the white ones won and "defeated" the black ones who disintegrated, and changed into 3 vinyl records with the name "Yoyogi Special Mix" written on it.
The video went on with the girls getting ready to play DJ's, each with their own set of turntables and some keyboard, drum computers and sequencers next to them. The intro music during the whole video was just sooo good (another Yasutaka masterpiece, I guess) and when the girls where ready behind their turntables the actual mix began, with the girls also on stage. It was a mix of several Perfume songs like Baby Cruising Love, GAME, Secret Secret and even Sweet Donuts and Jenny wa Gokigen Naname (I think) (and Computer Driving might have been in the mix as well). The songs were kind of remixed and glued together with other music. This was really an awesome piece, also with all the light effects and lasers. The green lasers were sometimes just right above the crowd, that you could actually reach your hands into them.
I think there was also another intermezzo song that we didn't recognize and also didn't include the voices of the girls, but it was very good (of course).
Of the other songs that they did were: Dream Fighter, Computer City, Electro World, Perfect Star Perfect Smile (although this could have been in the mix), Macaroni, plastic smile, Chocolate Disco and love the world (there might have been others).
There were two long talks where the talked about the merchandise, about mothers day and looked through the large crowd with binoculars and commented on some of the boards that people held up. Some had even drawn things and were giving it to them. Some were bad but there were 3 absolutely gorgeous ones of the girls in kimono. They were really really good and beautiful!
The encore had the usual songs: Perfume, Jenny wa Gokigen Naname, and the last song was not wonder2, but Negai (the B-track from the Dream Fighter single).
Now a description of the stage itself. As mentioned before it had the catwalk down the middle with the round thing at the end, which could go up also. Then the stage also had small walkway on the side that went against the side of the arena to another small platform, so the girls sometimes stood separated with one girl on each side platform and one in the middle (for example during Jenny wa Gokigen Naname).
We also got a pamphlet that said that there will be a new album on July 8th and that a second tour will start from August to October! The girls have also mentioned this in the talks on stage.

I guess I'll be able to give a better playlist and remember more stuff when the concert gets televised in a few days on the WOWOW channel. Which will be in HD and hopefully I can see us standing in the crowd!

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