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TeamAyu tutorial guide


TeamAyu tutorial guide

  06:15:58 pm, Categories: Ayumi Hamasaki

Here is the long-awaited TeamAyu tutorial guide thing that I've made. This is to help people from outside of Japan to enter and enjoy the official Ayumi Hamasaki TeamAyu fanclub.
I just made this in a few hours and it is bound to contain some spelling mistakes and stuff. And I need to clean up the styling a bit more as well, but it's 2am now and I wanted to get it out quickly, so there's bound to be more version to follow ^^. So here it is, enjoy, and feel free to ask questions :-)

TeamAyu Tutorial Guide PDF (version 1.0) (846k)

You may distribute it freely as long as you keep the PDF as a whole and/or link back to this page, as there will be updates following.

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