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TeamAyu & P.T.A. fanclub goods


TeamAyu & P.T.A. fanclub goods

  01:28:09 pm, Categories: Ayumi Hamasaki, Perfume , Tags: ayumi hamasaki, perfume

Today I've gotten my first TeamAyu and P.T.A. stuff in the mail!! After I saw other fans in London that also had TeamAyu membership cards, I just had to do it too. I had put it off for too long while all the means were there. And also last year, when I was at the Perfume concert "Disco!Disco!Disco" they sold fanclub-exclusive t-shirts, which I liked much more than the regular t-shirt!
So, when I got back home between the 2 weekends in London, I looked up a good mail forwarding service which was easy, simple, not too expensive and good for receiving mail. There are two that are very good and trusted ( and, but JapanToDoor requires you to notify them when something will arrive within 2 weeks prior. Although afterwards, you do get emails when the fan clubs are going to send you something, but is easier and cheaper. But I'll go more into detail about that in a later post about actually using them.

TeamAyu and P.T.A. fanclub goods

So I signed up for TeamAyu and P.T.A. end of January. After you've done the whole registration and payment process, you can login to the fanclub sites immediately. So you can start to enjoy their personal blogs and more exclusive info and sometimes little videos. They say that receiving the fan club membership card can take 4-6 weeks. In case of TeamAyu, it actually took 3 weeks. They sent the letter to my address in Japan at tenso, and they forwarded it to my home, which took about 5-6 days. At the same time, the yearly P.T.A. DVD from Perfume came out and also sent it, and they both arrived here at the same time! <3<3<3

The TeamAyu member gift, a TeamAyu dog tag phone strap! Apparently they used to send a gold-color folder to put your membership card in.
TeamAyu member gift: cute TeamAyu dog tag phone strap

And the official TeamAyu membership card, love it! <3<3<3<3<3
My official TeamAyu membership card

And now for the Perfume fan club P.T.A. DVD Volume 2:
P.T.A. DVD Vol. 2 outside

P.T.A. DVD Vol. 2 inside

P.T.A. DVD Vol. 2 inside booklet

And the whole bunch together:
TeamAyu and P.T.A. fan club stuff


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Comment from: Avrel

Great! I love the membership card too!

03/02/10 @ 18:54
Comment from: Joe

where can i get the membership card ?? i want it tooooooo

03/04/10 @ 21:45
Comment from: peter  

The info you need it already in the post :)
But I’m writing a tutorial, so wait for that if you can’t read japanese websites.

03/05/10 @ 02:37
Comment from: Holly
5 stars

Wow I can’t wait for your tutorial, I ahve always wanted to be a member of Team Ayu and if you can give me a guide on how to be one I will be your number one fan forever!!!!

03/15/10 @ 15:29

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