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I saw Ayu!!!


I saw Ayu!!!

  01:13:57 pm, Categories: Ayumi Hamasaki , Tags: ayu in london

I'm in London now, and I saw Ayu today!!! kyaaaaaaaaa!
The story for today.

First we went to the studio by 12 o'clock, but noone was there. Figured she wouldn't record any songs on the weekend. So we went to the hotel where she's staying and arrived there at about 13h30. Then at 14h, 3 big black vans arrived. And japanese people started to come out, and then I recognized her staff and ayu's friend (PJ boss?), but I hadn't seen Ayu, but there was a person who had gone into the hotel first so that was probably her. I recognized many of her staff, so it really was them.
Then we started to wait and wait. And it was quite cold but me and my friend were up for it.
One hour later, things started to get moving again. Some of the staff started to come out so she was coming out, and I approached the exit from the side. And then a small girl in a crazy wonderful outfit came out and I was totally stunned. It was Ayu! But the staff said to us, to wait 40 minutes until they would come back. She was probably dressed up for a PV or photo shoot and had to be there on time.
So 40 minutes later, they returned. She and her staff stepped out of the car, and waved at us that we could come closer. And then Ayu started to sign our stuff. She was sooo friendly and really took her time for us. We were asked not to take pictures though, as they were taking pictures themselves. (most likely because it was an outfit for an album booklet and so it wouldn't leak out ;p). But it was absolutely awesome! She looked so great. And then my pen had dried out (even though I had tested it a few times)!! But someone else got another one and I got my Arena Tour 2007 fan and Days/Green single signed! I saw that she was a little surprised to see the fan, but we couldn't say much as there were some other fans as well.
She was absolutely gorgeous (and small indeed ^^). Then it was over, we thanked her and they went into the hotel. I couldn't believe I stood so close to her and that I got my stuff signed. I will post pictures later, it's a bit difficult on this bloody wifi. I've got just one picture of her when she left at 15h for the photo shoot. All I can say is, I'm very happy ^^

Ayu getting into the car to go the shoot at 15h:

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