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Concert dvd finally arrived! (2 days to go!)


Concert dvd finally arrived! (2 days to go!)

  03:46:10 pm, Categories: Ayumi Hamasaki

Came home from work today and finally found my concert dvd in the mail! :D Shipping took quite a while. So I was finally able to watch the full concert that I went to last year. The dvd is the final concert in Fukuoka, but I went to the 2 Yokohama Arena concerts after the asian leg of the tour. The cover looks very nice and classy with the Ayu Asia Tour logo. It has two dvds which contain the concert with documentary pieces in between the songs. The picture on the actual dvd case inside the cover is very nice, it's a closeup of Ayu during 1LOVE.
I have just a few negative points: actually the fact that the concert is interrupted every 2 or 3 songs by the documentary, no 5.1 audio and no talk during the encore. I'm guessing something went wrong during production causing the dvd to be released so much later than the previous dvds. They usually come out arround october/november, but now it was march of the next year!
But anyway, I LOVE THE CONCERT! ^^ Ayu looks very beautiful in it and sings very good. The beginning of the concert is just awesome! It's also good that they included a few of the other songs that she sang during the tour that were not featured in the final concert.

I have a feeling that we can expect a better release than this one, probably on bluray, but don't take my word for it, I may be wrong, or just wishful thinking ^^;

But every fan should buy it, it's great!

(P.S.: only 2 more days to go and I'm off to Japan, whiii ^^)

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