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Ayumi to sing Dragon Ball Movie theme song (confirmed)


Ayumi to sing Dragon Ball Movie theme song (confirmed)

  03:37:53 pm, Categories: Ayumi Hamasaki , Tags: dragonball evolution

It is rumoured (or in fact reality) that Ayumi will be singing the theme song to the upcoming american live-action Dragon Ball movie. Although I loved the old series (DB, DBZ & DBGT), I don't see this movie getting very good (completely different story), but having Ayu do the theme song, would be awesome. I would have gone to see the movie anyway, but to hear Ayu in a movie theatre everywhere in the world. Talk about a major hollywood tie-in.
It's great that after the X Japan song "I.V." which was the ending song of Saw 4, that now Ayumi also gets her hollywood movie theme song (although it's a remake of a Japanese series, it's still worldwide).

It's supposed to be a rock song called "Rule", so let's hope it's great and not a hoax ! (but Ayu is always great! ^^)

Update: it has now been confirmed by Ayu herself on her Team Ayu blog, she is doing the worldwide theme song for the movie. It will be in japanese, at the request of the director (who knew ayu's songs), that it be kept in japanese just like the original manga/anime of dragonball. (now hope the movie doesn't get too cheesy, as I don't really see a kid Goku being played by a grownup?). Ayu also says that there is a big "maybe" that she might debut worldwide. Personally I would love that, but she should stay focused on Japan and Asia, and (especially) keep singing in Japanese. But we'll see, maybe we will get some (small) concert tours worldwide ;D

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