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Ayumi Hamasaki deaf in left ear ;(


Ayumi Hamasaki deaf in left ear ;(

  10:49:15 am, Categories: Ayumi Hamasaki

Ayumi just posted a message on her blog on the official TeamAyu fanclub website. She said that she had done an ear check-up last year and the diagnosis was that she is competely deaf in her left ear and that there is no treatment. She said that she will not quit because of this and she wants to be strong to keep on being a professional singer and to still be able to sing beautiful songs for the fans.

It find it quite shocking and sad but on the other hand, it could have been expected. It's quite known among fans that she has been having problems with her left ear since a long time. It all started in 2001 during the rehearsals of her infamous Dome Tour. She started to have problems with her ear and hearing ringing in her ear. This lead to her falling from the stage during the final rehearsel. Just hours before the actual start of the concert, she was taken to the hospital. Against the doctors orders, she returned to the concert hall, brought in in a wheel chair and a sprained ankle. But she was full of energy and couldn't let her fans down. She did all of the 8 planned dome tour concerts and never showed she had any pain. But unfortunately, as a result of the loud noise of the concert, she lost 80% of her hearing in her left ear. Apparently, over the years it had become worse to the point now, that she is deaf in her left ear.

I find it so sad for Ayu ;( but I admire her strength to go on, no matter what. She may look like a diva, but she's a human being too with human problems just like all of us.

Original news source: AHS Forum (from Team Ayu website)
And now all over the web, including BBC front page and other.


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Comment from: trix  

Hi Peter! i just read the news on our local newspaper this morning. i’ve been looking for her official statement/blog regarding this article. can you kindly give me the web address where she posted her message.

its really a sad news… wish there’s a way where i can send her my support…

thank you! and hope to hear from u soon on this matter.

01/08/08 @ 04:30
Comment from: Candice  

Yeah, that is abit of sad news. We all still support her!
I am abit upset and not impressed with one thing though! When will AVEX release her ASIA 2007 SECRET tour dvd????? How come it is not out yet and she is about to start her 2008 tour in April? How long do we have to wait? Her previous dvds came out not that long after the concert finished. AHHHH I a going crazy here! Can anyone give me some info.

01/10/08 @ 06:27
Comment from: peter  

Yeah, but it’s only for Japanese residents, unless you know someone in Japan who will do it for you.

01/16/08 @ 10:56
Comment from: Elisabeth  
5 stars


Yeah, I found the news on AHS too. It’s a sad thing, but I admire Ayu’s strength to go on. She really would do everything for her fans. During the CDL 2007-2008, she was laughing during the SURREAL performance, because she saw something amusing in the crowd (she was standing on something that goes in the air, such as in A Museum and the Stadium Tour). The whole stage was just like the one of A Museum. Some vocals weren’t as perfect as always, but she sang rather good (considering the fact that she can only use one ear). But I noticed that she left her left earpiece in her ear all the time. You know, during the MC she doesn’t wear both pieces, but this time she only took the right one out of her ear. You have to watch closely…

PS: It’s really nice to know that I’m not the only one in Belgium that’s listening to Ayu’s music :)

01/16/08 @ 16:03
Comment from: Wai-chan  

When I hear this news, I was very sad and surprised. Hamasaki Ayumi’s left ear doesn’t hear, but she is “continue singing". So I want to singing her forever and I cheering her.

01/18/08 @ 21:07
Comment from: Naomi  

It is very sad for a singer to go deaf in her left ear. She is brave to continue singing. I respecy her when I read this post.

01/18/08 @ 21:08
Comment from: Milo  

Ayumi Hamasaki was a very strong woman. Her left ear doesn’t work anymore and it is inoperable. But she said she will continue singing. If I was her, I am frightened of singing. And she is lovely, with a good style. So, I think that she can become a fashion model!! Go for it, as a singer!!

01/18/08 @ 21:11
Comment from: Sayani  

I like the songs by Ayumi Hamasaki. And I know she is hugely successful Japanese pop star. So, I’m very surprised to hear this news. It’s a pity that her left ear doesn’t work anymore. But, I am very impressed by her decision. She should continue singing! She is due to launch her second tour of Asia. I am glad to hear that!! I was also given courage when I read about her. I’ll do my best to live my life!

01/18/08 @ 21:12
Comment from: Yu-chan  

I was very surprised when I heard the news, but I thought she has strength of mind. I like her songs. I think her songs have many good messages. So, I want her to sing her songs forever. And I wish her songs will cheer many people.

01/18/08 @ 21:14
Comment from: Katchi  

I couldn’t believe it when I heard the news on TV, but she said “continue singing", so I was glad to hear that. Many of Ayumi’s fans want to listen to her music, I think. Maybe ordinary peope can’t overcome an illness like this, but I think she will overcome this because she has a strong will.,

01/18/08 @ 21:15
Comment from: Noji  

I like Ayumi Hamasaki, so this news made me sad. I want her to sing forever!!!

01/18/08 @ 21:18
Comment from: xu-xu  

It’s too bad, but she doesn’t give up. I think this was honest of her. Even though she knows her ear can’t work, she will continue singing. She is a real professional singer.

01/18/08 @ 21:20
Comment from: sonkai  

I was surprised to hear this news on 8 January, and I was sad when I read this article. I thought she was very strong. If I were in her place, I would not want to work anymore. I hope she will succeed in her second tour of Asia.

01/18/08 @ 21:21
Comment from: Nagisa  

The news makes me surprised and shocked. She made a lot of nice songs so far. I like her and all her songs. So, I want her to make more efforts to song. I hope that she will be fine. She is a star for all Japanese.

01/18/08 @ 21:22
Comment from: namihei  

I felt sorry for her, but she continues singing now. I think she is courageous. I am happy to hear her songs.

01/18/08 @ 21:23
Comment from: jasmine  

me and my sister truly love ayumi as a singer
and human being. her song and the way she sings
is really inspiring and motivating, her songs
brings joy, and drives your nerves! nobody
can ever sing like her!!! she’s everything!
and she’s different from others. ayumi has the
spirit..!!!! that no one possess…ayumi…wiah
u all the best of luck..really proud of you

01/25/08 @ 12:18
5 stars

I feel so sad about these news i hope she keeps on singing until i go to Japan because it’s my dream to see her singing live.

01/26/08 @ 12:47
Comment from: asuka
5 stars

no ayu TT_TT why?!! im sad.. =..((

i really love her voice ^^

but oh my god…

%80?!! its too much.. U_U

im really rally sad .__.

01/13/09 @ 15:42

Wow, thanks for the insightful post. I look forward to reading more from you.
My cousing was looking for this last night. Glad I found your article :- )

01/19/10 @ 18:06
Comment from: Runtest

Woot, you go Ayumi!

02/24/10 @ 21:03
Comment from: Mike Sam

Wow. Sad. If only she had known and been able to wear noise reducers over her ears for the concert.

03/06/10 @ 09:05

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