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Ayumi Hamasaki: 10th Album (25/03/2009): Next Level (updated)


Ayumi Hamasaki: 10th Album (25/03/2009): Next Level (updated)

  09:03:01 am, Categories: Ayumi Hamasaki , Tags: ayumi hamasaki, new album, next level

As was predicted, Ayumi Hamasaki is releasing her 10th full album on March 25th 2009. And I must, it's quite a bold release, it will have 4 versions, with the 4th version being an awesome looking USB-stick! ^^
The first version includes an extra CD which is a Live CD with 14 songs recorded from the Premium Countdown Live 2008-2009. The DVD's will contains 6 PV's and 6 Making of's, the USB will only feature the PV's, but also a digital booklet.

With the album being released so close to the new tour, will the tour contain many of these new songs? Me is excited ^^ As was released last week, this years tour has been officially called the ~Next Level~ tour, so I guess we will have several songs from the new album being performed on this tour!

I must say, I really love these wacky new titles ;p And also a very special cover for the 2CD+DVD version ^^

Next Level [2CD+DVD]

Catalog: AVCD-23856~7/B
Price: 4500yen
CD 1:
01. Bridge to the sky
03. Disco-munication
04. EnergizE
05. Sparkle
06. rollin'
08. Load of the SHUGYO
09. identity
10. Rule
11. LOVE 'n' HATE
12. Pieces of SEVEN
13. Days
14. Curtain call

CD 2: Live CD from Premium Countdown Live 2008-2009
End of the World
too late
everywhere nowhere
For My Dear...

01. Days <video clip>
02. GREEN <video clip>
03. Rule <video clip>
04. Sparkle <video clip>
05. NEXT LEVEL <video clip>
06. Curtain call <video clip>
07. Days <making clip>
08. GREEN <making clip>
09. Rule <making clip>
10. Sparkle <making clip>
11. NEXT LEVEL <making clip>
12. Curtain call <making clip>

Next Level [CD+DVD]
Catalog: AVCD-23858
Price: 3990yen
Same 14 tracks as first CD from 2CD+DVD version.
Same 12 videos as the DVD from 2CD+DVD version.

Next Level [CD]
Catalog: AVCD-23859
Price: 3150yen
Same 14 tracks as first CD from 2CD+DVD version.

Next Level [USB]
Catalog: AVZD-23860
Price: 6800yen
Same 14 tracks as first CD from 2CD+DVD version.
Same 6 PV's from the DVD from 2CD+DVD version (not including the making of's though)
Digital Booklet

I want that USB stick!! ;p

Update 1: Add info.
Update 2 (March 3rd 2009): Added tracklisting plus cover of 2CD+DVD version

Source: AHS, AHS & Official Site


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Comment from: Michaek  
5 stars

I am so excited for this album! The Flash
drive looks completley amazing! I loved
both of her singles for this album and I
just can’t wait! GREEN is my favorite out
of all the songs though… and the
pre-chorus for Rule was good also. Sparkle
is just what she needed to revive her
“poppiness” and Days was very beautiful in
everyway! YAY!!!

02/13/09 @ 18:58
Comment from: idha
5 stars

I’m glad that Ayu finally release her new album…
thanx for letting me know…I will get it for sure…

Is it the release date will be around the globe or just in Japan??


03/11/09 @ 23:42
Comment from: Foxx
5 stars

I just love this album :].
Anyone who hasn’t gotten it yet, should get it now!!

04/08/09 @ 09:17
Comment from: peter  

In fact, I just got it in the mail today. See my latest post ^^

04/08/09 @ 10:52
Comment from: yin  
3 stars

i want buy this dvd how can i buy?

10/01/09 @ 00:14

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