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2 new ayupans


2 new ayupans

  05:31:49 am, Categories: Main blog, Ayumi Hamasaki, Figures

So I went to Ayumi's concert on the 9th & 10th of May in Yokohama, and there were of course new ayupans to buy. This time there were only 2 new: one from the Secret album cover and one in collaboration with Hello Kitty.

Secret Ayupan
This ayupan looks exactly like Ayu on the cover of the "Secret" album, Ayu's 8th full-length studio album (not counting the mini-album "Memorial address"). I must really praise the painters of this ayupan, they have done a very detailed job. On the cover of "Secret" Ayumi has a painted tattoo on her arm with a unicorn on it, and they faithfully painted it on the little Ayupan figure (remember, ayupans are only 5cm high, so they have to paint that tattoo on an area of 1cm x 0.5cm)

Closeup of the ayupan:
Secret Ayupan

Compare with original "Secret" cover:
Secret album

Ayupan x Hello Kitty
This is a collaboration figure with Hello Kitty, an extremely popular cute cat figure in Japan. This small ayupan holds a Hello Kitty on her arm, which makes this cat only 1cm high! But still very cute and nice paintwork.

Ayupan x Hello Kitty

But I think I need a new digital camera as there seems to be some noise in the picture, and not just from the ISO level. It's especially visible in dark places, and it's been like this for over a year now.

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