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Pachinko Parlours


Pachinko Parlours

  06:38:18 am, Categories: Japan

If you like watching hundreds of little balls coming down hoping for them to fall in a small hole, like lots of noise, some mindless gambling, lots of smoke (Pachinkos are one of the last public places where you can smoke), then Pachinko might be something for you.
A Pachinko machine is a combination of a sort of pinball machine and a slot machine.

How to play:
- buy a 1000 (or more) small lead balls at the counter, and find some free machine.
- put the balls into the container
- use a level to control the speed at which the balls are shot into the machine.
- look at the balls coming down through an array of pins
- when a ball falls into to a special hole, the slot game begins
- and if you're lucky you win, and get more balls in return
- and thus the whole process starts over again

But since gambling is illegal in Japan, they use a loophole in the law. The balls that you won, can be traded for prizes or token. These prizes can than be traded for money in a little shop next to the pachinko parlor, so you're actually just selling the prize. A prize which gets used again for the next winner.

Evangelion-themed Pachinko machinePachinko machines usually come in many flavors with an extra story and game built-in the slot machine, based on popular movies or animes. For example, you will find a lot of evangelion pachinko machines which includes battle stages in the slot-game.

You can literally find a pachinko parlor in every city in Japan, and it usually has a huge neon sign that can be seen from a nearby train station. Also, you can find any age (18+), any gender and any wealth status in there. Regular players usually line up in front of the door before it is open.

There are people who can make a living from playing pachinko, these are players that try to find machines that are fixed, and to find which machine is fixed on which day. They all have several methods of calculations to find out which pachinko machine.

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