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Kamikaze Girls - Shimotsuma Monogatari


Kamikaze Girls - Shimotsuma Monogatari

  03:14:39 pm, Categories: Japan , Tags: anna, fukuda, girls, kamikaze, kyoko, monogatari, shimotsuma, tsuchiya

Kamikaze Girls (or Shimotsuma Monogatari in the original title) tells the story of 2 girls who are at the total opposite of the fashion universe & lifestyle. Momoko is a normal girl who lives on the country side, well, normal in her eyes. She is a girls who dresses in lolita fashion and swears by it, only eats sweet stuff (even for lunch) and does not have any friends (not that she has a problem with that). Then there's Ichiko, a "yankee" biker gang chick, who is tough (and spits, which annoys Momoko a lot). They both go on a journey to find what to do with their future and start an unlikely friendship.

I know, it's a movie from a few years ago, but I just saw it and I must say that I'm impressed. It has a certain surreal style to it that I like and funny stuff like talking to the camera. It even has some scenes in it that are animated. Also, both actresses play their roles perfectly, Anna Tsuchiya as Ichigo, the tough biker chick and Kyoko Fukuda as Momoko, the lolita fashion girl. It's a nice and fun movie that has some nice scenes but don't take all too seriously. Also has a good soundtrack to it.

Some pictures:

Official site: Kamikaze Girls site
IMDB Entry: Kamikaze Girls on IMDB

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