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Category: "Curiosities"


  11:10:47 pm, Categories: Curiosities, Japan 2010
This must be the weirdest thing I have come across on my last trip to Japan. We were walking around Fushimi Inari in Kyoto, and we heard a sound of what was like a crying baby, but I started to doubt that it was a baby, but that it might be a cat. Then… more »

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  02:52:24 am, Categories: Japan, Curiosities, Japan 2008
Japan has to have its own strange etiquette about escalators. In most parts of the world it is custom for the people who are not in a rush, to stand right, so that other people who are in a hurry, can go up on left. Well, Japan has 3 ways ;p In Tokyo,… more »

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06/08/08 @ 06:23

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  04:24:45 pm, Categories: Curiosities
Japan seems to be filled with it: yellow bumpy lines, tiles with a grooves or dots. They are to be used as a guide for blind people. There are a few patterns that indicate different kind of obstacles like stairs, cross walk or cross sections. They can… more »

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  12:29:34 am, Categories: Japan, Curiosities , Tags: japan, melody, road, tune
A team from a Hokkaido Industrial Research Institute has made a road surface that plays a song when you drive over it with a certain speed. Depending on the distance between the grooves the car will act as a tuning fork and play a "note" at a certain… more »

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  03:52:10 am, Categories: Main blog, Curiosities
You see them all over Japan, in streets, in buildings, in temples and train stations. Boxes against the wall that have this round red light on them that is always on. I have wondered what it was for a long time (as I couldn't read what was written on… more »

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  03:56:39 pm, Categories: Curiosities
I saw this on a trivia tv show in Japan. The sign they use in Japan for their currency, the Yen, is this: 円. (I think the old sign was 圓) Why is it such a strange symbol for money? Coins are round, paper money is flat and it doesn't look… more »

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Man alive! Seriously, that just blew my mind. I guess that old saying about learning something new every day really is true. Thanks for that, its really interesting :3

06/24/07 @ 14:38

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