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Akihabara Stabbings


Akihabara Stabbings

  01:24:49 pm, Categories: Japan

Last Sunday, a 25 year old male stabbed 17 people after driving into 3 of them with a 2 ton truck in Akihabara, Tokyo's otaku shopping district. The incident happened on the big crossroad in Akiba next to the new Sofmap building. Police caught up with him in an alley in the direction of the train station. He dropped to the floor when they threatened to shoot him.

Tomohiro Katou was born in Aomori but lived in Shizuoka where he worked. He allegedly rented a truck and drove all the way to Akiba, just to run over some people, and then stabbing them and in the process stab 14 others. Three people died on the spot, 4 others died of their injuries at the hospital. They were 6 men between 19 and 74 and 1 woman of 21 years old. I seriously hope that the rest will pull through.
The guy said he was tired of his life, but other people would be fine, and he wanted to commit suicide. Well, so much for a suicide, 7 people died and he lives...

Apparently they found some drawing that he made in his school yearbook of a character from some rpg game. I sure hope the media won't jinx otaku community again because he made a drawing in the past. Even I draw, and don't see me doing any of those things.

Honestly, my thoughts are with families of the victims. It should never have happened. So many young people involved...

Update: apparently, he liked watchinganime... so, here we go again... what about American action movies full of violence and shooting? I don't have anything against those movies, but you get my point.

Source: ANN,, Japan Probe


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Comment from: SwallowTail  
4 stars

I think u were right, there is too many violence in game and film right now but that’s not the reason too stab someone that was just not right, maybe his sociability make him stress like a lone wolf, well just my opinion

06/12/08 @ 22:27
Comment from: Colin Peden
4 stars

I agrre, the US has, in my opinion, more violence in it’s movies than anime does. It is not fair to blame something like anime or a movie, just because someone goes crazy, the fault lies in many places, not just one spot.

07/27/09 @ 11:57

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