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AKB48 general election 2015


AKB48 General Election 2015 predictions

  10:46:00 am, Categories: Idols , Tags: akb48, general election, senbatsu sousenkyo

Some of my thoughts and predictions for this year's Senbatsu Sousenkyo for the 41th single.
Only 2 days to go now and everything is starting to heat up. 4 of last year's top 16 will not be participating so that's 4 new spots to fill (Matsui Rena, Kojima Haruna, Ikoma Rina & Kawaei Rina).

I'm pretty sure that last year's top 4 members will also be this year's top 4 members, but not necessarily in the same order. A lot of campaigning has been going on to get Kashiwagi Yuki to the top. I think either Kashiwagi Yuki or Sashihara Rino will be number one this year. Watanabe Mayu at 3rd place and Matsui Jurina at 4th.
Due to Matsui Rena not participating this year, Yamamoto Sayaka will become 5th, I'm not seeing her reach the 4th spot because the gap is still too large.
Then comes places 6 through 9, which I think will consist of Takahashi Minami, Shimazaki Haruka, Shibata Aya and Miyawaki Sakura, likely in that order. Although I would personally love Sakura to overtake Paruru, it will be a tough fight. She might be able to overtake Shibata Aya. Suda Akari will be close as well.
Next on the list will probably be Miyazawa Sae, Suda Akari, Matsumura Kaori, Kitahara Rie and Watanabe Miyuki. The rest may contain some surprises though :)

The preliminary results this year also got some of the same things that happened at the preliminary results the year before. Kodama Haruka ranking above Sakura, but eventually dropping out of top 16. I do see Haruppi reaching place 15 or 16 though. Minegishi Minami ranking very low, but eventually reaching top 20's.
Some of the surprise top 16's that will very likely drop out of top 16 will be Tani Marika and Fuchigami Mai (all her fans probably voted as quick as they could, she does however have enough votes to rank in the top 60).

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